We’re Listening

Congratulations, not merely on your innovative reconsideration and expansion of your offerings, but importantly in sharing your super reasoning with us, your customers, and more importantly seeking our feedback, and most importantly acting upon our suggestions.

I admire your rethinking of nutritious fast food restaurants. I think that it might be interesting for you to consider featuring a chef, particularly from various ethnicities to contribute a recipe. The offering would be attributed to him and you might even consider as an anniversary of this project to create a cookbook of their recipes. Here in SF Bay Area you might start with such nonprofit support groups as La Casa Cuisine (I think that’s the name).

Another suggestion would be to publicize how you observe green practices with your waste, e.g., cooperating with food co-ops or showing your customers how they too may adopt some of your practices at home.

Thanks for your initiatives and innovation: “Make it new and fresh, daily!”


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