Inspiration accosts me at odd moments. She’s quite a lady, I must say. I’m having the time of my life with family, friends or colleagues and she gives the mating call. I’m in the loo answering Nature’s undeniable call and I have to rush to get some paper. I hear her mirth-filled chortle in my bid to get her delivery. 
    She works as a delivery agent, always giving me a part of herself. I long have all of her, every time of the day, but Perspiration her protective muscled brother would have none of it, my only consolation being that nine has her either. 
    Sometimes I get lucky and she visits more than once in a day, yet there are times she leaves me on a stretch .
    She taught me to never walk without without my stationery.. She taught me to print receipts from ATMs (those receipts have at times been the bearer of a great many ideas) She taught me to create notes on my phone. She is a delectable one. I’ve tried to resist her charm under the pretext of fatigue, but she has by wide travels garnered for herself a repertoire of skills that few or probably none can match. 
    She’s a fount of knowledge. 
    She’s ancient. 
    She never does.. 
    She never ages
    She is bae.


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