Quickly, I’d be treating the 5 steps you need to pay attention to, if and when you are serious about music marketing.

Dear Upcoming act, this would greatly intrest you.

Suit up!

Step 1: Define The Audience of Your Music

Understand your fans. With this understanding, you’d be able to ENGAGE your fans effectively.

It is important you do this continuously sometimes getting to know them personally.

Remember they’re the ones who would eventually buy/consume your music.

Be receptive of their kind criticisms. All they basically want is a “better you”. Not every critic is a “hater”

Step 2: Analyse…

Hi guys!

Today, we’d be focusing on the important rules in your quest to becoming the best version of you. We call it, YOU 20.0.

Basically, these are the generally accepted principles worldwide, if you are extremely serious on reaching your full potential as a music artiste.

Please note that the remaining language in this article would be entirely informal:


Let me say that again my G, there are no shortcuts! If you think for one minute there’s a way you can go around it, guy, you are VERY wrong. The reason all those…

The same evening I woke up with a hankering for Boli and epa, is the same evening heavy rain decided to fall. It was also the same evening I heard a knock on my door. I was busy muttering to myself and thinking why I didn’t stop at Mama Ifeoma’s stand to buy boli on the way home and why today of all days this rain had decided to fall.

I opened the door and saw her standing there. I had never seen the girl before. She was small and looked scared, although her fair skin glowed like hot boli…

Aisha slumped and down she went with all the content in the tray she had in her hand.

Two weeks ago she had a heated argument with Baba, her father. Baba wanted to give her in marriage to Alhaji Tanko- arguably one of the wealthiest kola nut merchants in this part of Northern Nigeria.

Aisha had vehemently rebuffed the idea and didn’t mince words in letting her dad know how she felt. …

5ive Things To Do To Get Your Music Inspiration Back

Yo guys!

So today we’d be addressing the critical issue of overcoming “writers’ block” for musicians/artistes. Below are our recommended 5ive unique ways:

Take a walk

So you are hunched over your notepad/laptop and suddenly, it seems you’ve hit rock bottom with “flowz”, here’s we recommend you get your ass off your seat and take a walk.

Studies have shown that taking walks help to refresh both the mind and body giving you enough time dig again into your creative source.

While on this walk of discovery, do not forget…

Olubayo Paul

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