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Quickly, I’d be treating the 5 steps you need to pay attention to, if and when you are serious about music marketing.

Dear Upcoming act, this would greatly intrest you.

Suit up!

Step 1: Define The Audience of Your Music

Understand your fans. With this understanding, you’d be able to ENGAGE your fans effectively.

It is important you do this continuously sometimes getting to know them personally.

Remember they’re the ones who would eventually buy/consume your music.

Be receptive of their kind criticisms. All they basically want is a “better you”. Not every critic is a “hater”

Step 2: Analyse The Market

Having understood your fans, the next thing on your list should be understanding your market.

This would cost you a little bit of research time.

You need to know:

1. Which musicians are seeing the most success globally and locally within your genre

2. What are these musicians doing? What’s working for them?

3. What are those “failing” doing wrong

4. How likely is the market to buy your album

5. What is the unique “something” you are offering? …

Olubayo Paul

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