Nigeria’s 600-lb Life

Watching “My 600-lb life”program on TLC always reminds me of Nigeria.

Eating the wrong foods,making the wrong decisions regarding lifestyle & diet,lack of discipline & commitment to making the right choices,refusing to comply with Doctor’s instructions…….and then,expecting a quick fix and praying not to die.

What a fools paradise.

Nigeria is dying of obesity after decades of addiction to overeating,consuming junk and lacking discipline and the willpower to live right.

Doctors have recommended a change of attitude and altering lifestyle & diet but to no avail…..and Nigeria is praying to God for a miracle and quick fix.

It’s constituent parts are still craving for the same junk food that created this mess and expecting a different outcome.

No part of Nigeria wants to change but every part wants change.

What a fools paradise.

Nigeria and its constituent parts need to shed excess weight fast and make the right decisions regarding lifestyle and diet.

Or else…Nigeria and its constituent parts will die and no prayer can prevent it!