Design Sprint

The first thing that may come to your head when you see the word sprint might be athletics, but the design sprint is a process that typically takes place over a 5 day period.

The idea of the sprint is to build, test and prototype in just 5 days. This is so you can see how the customers reacts before investing time and money building the real product. This process was invented by Jake Knapp at GV.

In fact GV has run sprints at Medium which according to their website helped them enter new markets.

This is a quick summary on what is done on each day.

Alternatively you can watch 90 second summary of the whole week in the video below


On Monday you plot out the issue and then decide something to focus on.


You draw out solutions to the problem


You need to make decisions which the end result will be having an idea for a testable hypothesis.


You create the high quality prototype


Finally you test test the prototype product.

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