Yes you can.
Everything is possible if you believe you can. Importantly, the believing is not enough, cause it doesn't bring realisation of dreams, there is a need to act. There is a need to be dedicated and committed to what you do to have a realisation.

Part of the actions for realisation of life's goal is prayer, this shows that God is first, waiting: always remember to hold on and be patient, work with God's timing, it could be faster than you think and could be slower too, be dutiful as you work to the achievement under the guidance whom you've got as the first priority, and many more needful.

You can if you believe, and you have a reality when you put in the needed action.
My opinion.
And this ends the 31 day writing challenge. Thank you for following through.

I'm AOE.



Alagbe Olufemi Emmanuel

A Christian ||Song writer ||Gospel Music Artiste & Director||music tutor|| an English and Literary Studies student|| Voice Over Enthusiast|| Editor.