Crony Capitalism 101: The World Bank on Cement
Feyi Fawehinmi

He is a Businessman. Every Businessman seeks to maximise profit and he’s no exception. Also, the risk and most especially, cost of running “any” business in Africa is comparatively high when compared to the “rest of the world”. I wouldn’t blame him for trying to and well, having his way with the Governments. He seeks security and he gets it.

What we should be concerned about is the lack of competition. If you can make Standard Graded Cement, for example and sell at half the price of a Dangote’s produce, who go look Dangote side? And it is not about the capacity at first. All businesses grow if properly nurtured. A competitor can start local and grow global over time.

This shouldn’t be about a man, it should be about the failed Governments (which you’ve always blogged about) we’ve had overtime in empowering it’s Citizens. I bet you’d do same in similar situations. Enjoy!