Andela Day 2 The refining begins!

Hey Techies!How are you today? Hope you are loving my posts. You are the best!
Gold isn’t shiny until it’s refined under pressure. Our refining has started.
Today, My second day at Andela was wonderful. Today was the beginning of things to come. As I write this post,I can tell you I am absolutely beat! 
Today, we started to do some hands on coding and the pace and volume was quite inspiring! Yes, inspiring. I can tell you for a fact that I got a little faster 
at coding and even though it was quite scary at first,I found it inspiring! One thing i did notice was the strategy i think our instructor is employing.I think!lol
He wants up to expand our own ability to study on our own.With just the right amount of Nudging, I think Chidiebere(my supercool trainer) is forcing me to learn faster!
Thats the stuff Andela is made up. Like I said yesterday,I fully intend to get the best of these two weeks even as a rookie programmer. there is no way a normal human being can 
remain the same after these two weeks. Another part of the class I loved was our our soft skills training. Our beautiful trainer (lol) had some advice for me. Will be working on
that. So to get back my incredible enjoyable work load!(Yeah! Unlike any other schooling endeavour, i am truly enjoying this! Thanks Andela!!)
 See you guys tmao! And thank you Andela! Long live Andela!