Success is your Birthright

Everything you see on earth is a product of someone and every product is built with the capacity to function very well. We are God’s product and have been wired for success. To succeed therefore, we must:
1. Find yourself- we are more than what we think we are. We are the pick of God’s creation. We often allowed people to define and set limit on how far we go in life. The hidden part of man is more important and better than what a man sees himself to be. We are all treasure of inestimable value and until we locate our uniqueness, our possibility of success is not in view. No man is the same. What you can do, no man on earth can and that makes you unique. There is a gold mine in everyone and that include you. The gold mine on earth is exhaustible but the one in man is inexhaustible. What we know about ourselves is small compare to who we are. The best book in the world says’’ eyes have not seen, nor hear heard neither has it enter into the heart of man what God has in stock. We are the pick of God’s creation. After God it’s man. You are more than your name. Your name is just the tag given by our parents. The question is how do I find myself? The answer is so easy. Ask God in prayer; He speaks and He is more than willing to communicate His will to you. You don’t have to be very spiritual to hear from Him. Ask yourself the following question: what am I good at, what can I do better than the other, what do I still find pleasure doing without been paid.
2. Refine yourself — You are a gold mine. No gold is admirable without refining. It is therefore imperative to refine yourself if you want to be attractive. The gift not refine is as useless as not having one. When you refine your gift or talent, you become accessible to the world. You need to take personal responsibility for your life. Look for how to improve what you have, go to school and learn a new thing. Locate and make yourself a better person.
3. Serve yourself — Life is all about service. What you cannot serve for free, you cannot get in life. Everything you need will come through, when you give/ dish value to people. Your world is waiting for you.

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