8 Reasons you are not maximizing your thinking potential

1.Not realizing that every function comes with an obligation

Many don’t realize that every function we have makes us an obligor to the creator…. Thinking is an obligation….we are encouraged to actively and deliberately engage in thinking.

Never get to a point in your life that you’re will be devoid of active thinking….

Everything God made was for a purpose… The complex neuron structure of the brain and the design the creator used in structuring the mind wasn’t for it to waste away in the head but meant to be engaged properly….

Out of the mind comes evil thought meaning the mind is a major stake in our moral compass, and mind activities forms a basic for our evaluation before our maker….

Never deceive yourself that thinking is optional. Thinking is compulsory

Thinking is not a prerogative of academia or scientists; thinking is an obligation to use what God has provided….remember from the parable of the talent “whatever you don’t use you lose”….

2.You are comfortable status quo

Because we are reaping the gains of other people’s thoughts…this is another reason people don’t think… Look around us….cranes, medicine, satellite, GSM, so many things are as a result of borrowed technology…this has hampered our urge to think

As a nation we are blessed with natural resources…oh not petroleum but we have human resources with diversity of culture resources, it’s a known fact that every culture is capable of its own art, type of clothes, types of food, types of agricultural produce, these ought to have become a stable source of wealth for us but we found oil and many things came to a standstill…this has stopped “systematic thinking”. People now are not even rewarded for breakthrough in research and development…some universities don’t even have research areas of focus…. Solutions to the issues of mankind are not being solicited for rather we are ready to pay billions to import technology from outside….

Necessity is the mother of invention, but here necessity is the mother of importation. This has affected many from reaching the full stretch of their mental potential.

3.You don’t have any project

Another reason people don’t think is because they don’t have any project they are currently pursuing…..

They don’t have any milestone

So many have become so languid and docile…pursuing nothing but status quo…

There is no special calling required for a man to pursue a project…

A project can range from making scientific inventions to thinking of new ways of slicing onions

A project is birthed whenever we put our self in a position to proffer solutions to problems….

This does not imply being a lone ranger too.. You can find a project group to join, community development, or academic group or other interest groups like arts, software, fashion and practical things that can engage the mind in active thinking….

4.Your Association

One of my favorite verses in scripture says that he that walks with the wise shall be wise….

If you don’t have thinking companions you will not be able to think… I love the book written by Porter Gale that “your network is your net worth”

I can remember competitions I have applied to.. all asking for solutions to human problems…even when I felt my ideas weren’t good enough…I still wanted to be in a company of such so I can run the wheels in the gear of my mind…

I can confirm that whenever I interact with thinkers I start to think…

There was a time in my life I was laid back…. I experienced a loss in momentum and waning of energy…..but then I started to create a network of thinkers around me…. Oh yes! I saw how easy it is to look for a problem and find a solution…

I realize that not all my ideas will be implemented but then I know that my mind should nonetheless be active…

Thinking does not mean the mind be always ‘busy’ no… Thinking can be scheduled or sometimes intermittent….the aim of this article is encouraging us to engage in productive and design thinking even if it’s 5 min a day, but if our network is network of people who are not constructive thinkers… Who never have an agenda or a project they are working on…. It may stop us from thinking…

5.You don’t really read

People who have very poor reading habits may also have poor thinking or skewed thinking habit. Talking about association is not really PHYSICAL Association…association with books with positive themes. Reading gives you easy access into the thoughts of the writers and when you read you are able to also indirectly communicate with the author and this happens when you pause to analyze or ingest the information you are reading. It’s common to note that while reading, not everything you read you remember but there are those salient points that sticks and never leaves your mind forever. Great readers lubricate their minds with books. Remember “books are the greatest makeup kits of the mind”

Read books that build you spiritually and mentally,those books are all part of your association. Spiritual health is very important for mental health….because when the spirit is properly connected to God the source of all wisdom, great thoughts flow. Reading about great cults in time past of people who went into occult and necromancy you discover that their minds naturally produced thoughts of sex, rape, violence and destruction because of the kind of information they engaged with

6.Religious doctrines/ misinterpretations

Now this is funny…but believe you me strange doctrines and teachings can be an iron curtain in your mind…because some teach that thinking of science or psycology is part of new age practices…and many are encouraged that anything that has to do with the mind is sensual and carnal. This is what the bible says

“Finally, brethren, whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of good report; if there be any virtue, and if there be any praise, think on these things”

Thinking based on the guideline we have in Philippians 4.8 is a call that’s why we have been given a sound mind…also a mind that able to produce good rhythms.

Cars, software, designs, architectures, engineering are all good things and hence we are instructed to make productive use of our mind.

Do not listen to anyone encouraging you not to think or anyone telling you thinking is sensual or new age, such people are looking to preoccupy and feed your fears for their ulterior motives….it is not a sin to think and I really believe its most unfortunate that this even has to be part of our discussion in this century.

Solutions delivered through spiritual inspiration are deployed through the use of the mind to humanity.

I remember having a discussion with someone about some of the social ill in the society and ways we can resolve or contribute to sorting the issue and the person started telling me that “man is a spirit who lives in a body and has a soul”…Ok! I said… I agree perfectly with this but how does this address provide solutions to the problem on ground….

There is no contradiction the fact man essence is his spirit man…there is also no contradiction to the fact that man drawing inspiration from his spirit does not boycott the use of the mind.

The mind is the pot whiles the spirit is the source and our tripartite nature does not exclude the use of the mind in solving valid problems in the physical realm which we are….

This is why the mind needs to be renewed and maintain a state of soundness devoid of fear. Anxiety and paranoia…there is no spiritual bypass to the use of our mind

Jesus engaged the power of strategic thinking….which of u intending to build a tower

“For which of you, intending to build a tower, does not sit down first and count the cost, whether he has enough to finish it — 29 lest, after he has laid the foundation, and is not able to finish, all who see it begin to mock him, 30 saying, ‘This man began to build and was not able to finish’?”

What Jesus simply explained here is that many people fail because they don’t process their actions well in thoughts…….this is not subject to a debate. Everyone must be productive thinkers.

7.You believe nothing you think really matters

Nothing I think really matters; it’s all been done…. wrong!

Every man was created for a purpose…. Man was not mass produced….man was created…created means each man design was different.. There is NO man that is similar… Resemblance is not really similarity…….

Once we understand that God didn’t clone man but created us individually, we will give it more thoughts that irrespective of what contributions others have made we still have an obligatory responsibility to make ours

I have been there before when I look at the wonders of technology and science I ask myself wow! It’s all been done what else can I add? This makes me feel I don’t need to think anymore. But later as I started to explore my individualism I started appreciating the flavor I come with….I knew am an inevitable contribution to knowledge and this realization ignited my mind.


Physical and emotional fatigue can also hamper thinking from reaching its full throttle…some people are very restless…always desiring to move around from one place to the other. They find it hard to be alone with themselves other than just sleep when they are alone or preoccupy themselves with other things and anything, while some are always overburden by emotional concerns….we are all humans and subject to these mind conditions. Protracted and recurrent physical and emotional stress can stop us from optimizing the use of our thinking faculty.

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