The Basics…

On a Saturday evening, while enjoying the serenity of my workstation, an unwanted guest came to scrutinize my work. After his check was over, a little conversation ensued between us.

Guest: How does this code run?

Me: There is a back-end machine called a compiler that runs the code.

Guest: What is a compiler?

Me: That is an abstraction detail that would be difficult to explain.

Guest: So if you were called for an interview, how will you explain that?

Me: …………………(thinking)………………..

After that question, I sunk back into my chair, and gave it a little thought.

Sometimes, we know so much, or assume we know, that the basics of whatever knowledge we have acquired tends to be trivial to us. We get so encompassed with the thirst for advanced knowledge, that we give little attention to the basics, forgetting these are building blocks.

From that little conversation, I learnt that having a strong foundation in the basics can increase our chances of creativity and originality, because in reality, nothing is really invented, they are only rediscovered.