It’s Head, A Tail

On course!

It is!

Soothes like a mild kiss

Placed on soft lips

A mild kiss

That make eyes sparkles

Glittering eyes

Burning hearts

Kiss the neck

Hug the bear

Hold the waist

Close to the thigh

The art of life

Is in the shape of the heart.

Drawn from either side

To one its tail, the other, a head

Head, it is, who sees it as gold

Tail, to him, who knows it as wood.

As gold,

It’s refined,

Handle with care

Preserve with love

Drawn closer with passion untold

Kept precious as a value;

Seen a part to a purpose.

It might go through fire

It’s meant to shine brighter.

As head,

It will be shown to the world,

See whom I found.

As wood, it’s used.

Manhandled with no care

It is kept in the open

For it has no value,

Passers, dirt on it might dump

It is far from an embrace

Consider as a “property” to achieve an end.

If it goes through fire

It’s burnt into ashes

Ashes of no use.

As tail,

It is kept behind

Scared no one should see it

Not one to show off.

By Olusola Akinbo

©2018. All Rights Reserved.