The Cepi Style Difference: Style Made Personal & Relevant
Nicole Campbell

I work in a male dominated sector where there is a strong temptation to abdicate femininity to claim professional identity.

But style is an important form of expression for me and with time, I have found a ‘clearer voice’ in this form of expression and have no intention of subduing an important aspect of my ‘voice’/brand.

So, how do I express myself powerfully without distracting? How do I become even more effective and efficient in my expression with increasing levels of professional and personal responsibility?

Cepi Style is the only service that addresses my needs. They invest significant time in their initial consultations to understand all aspects of my life to ensure consistency and enhance my ‘voice’.

Personally, technology has not been able to substitute the showroom experience of physical stores due to inconsistencies in sizes and fits across designers. Armed with information I have provided directly to Cepi, they bring a customized showroom to my house and by ensuring all information from the closet edit is captured online, they drive further efficiency in curating my ever evolving personal style.

For me, Cepi Style is a powerful combination of executive coaching via styling and efficiency in personal shopping enabled by technology.

We are going to grow and evolve together — Cepi Style and I.

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