The Journey so far at Andela Bootcamp

It’s been 273,900 seconds since the Bootcamp started. With every second ticking, every hour counting, nothing have been able to stop us at Bootcamp from moving forward. We are always so occupied that we hardly notice the passing of the time. The passion we have for intellectual growth, our individual dreams and the strength derived from collaboration that Andela has bestowed on us at Bootcamp is overwhelming. We relate like we have known each other all our life. The road hasn’t been a smooth one. So far I have walked both the good and rough paths.

Lets start with the rough one. Before Bootcamp, I know some basic programming techniques. They are skills I have acquired over time in school as a computer scientist at OND level. Although I have started programming before I went to school but like I used to say, I only know enough to pass my exams to the best of my ability. After I applied to Andela fellowship, I realized how shallow I am when it comes to programming. Reality dawn on me. I studied the fastest way I can, passed all the way through to the last stage but Bootcamp is not like my school days where good is enough. You are given challenges that are real life not imaginative challenges we are given at school. At Bootcamp, I realized I am a space without finite measurement. I define what I can occupy myself with. Its a rough path because while everyone seems productive I feel like I am a snail trying to escape fate, imagine how fast he would run when he contends against a rabbit.

However, the happiness I have derived so far comes from the experiences I have mentioned above. Not matter what, I am not the same man anymore. Our experiences makes us grow and I concur. The people I met, the challenges I encounter have helped me create a better plan for my future. I will continue to try and work hard at becoming better in both programming and collaboration with like minds. This isn’t the end but the start of a new song.

Looking back at the many I have achieved with little time, those that I become friends with and the wealth of knowledge I have gained so far, I think to myself, WHAT A WONDERFUL EXPERIENCE.