Why We Must Think UX

Adewunmi Oluwafemi
May 15 · 2 min read
Photo by Jonas Kakaroto on Unsplash

User Experience is about solving problems in real people’s lives and helping people to attain their goals. The goal of UX is to create solutions that are optimized for users which ultimately provide business value for organizations.

UX professionals/designers deal with users’ pain points, investigate how to eliminate them, and design solutions for them. The goal of user experience designers is to create solutions that are optimized for users which ultimately provide business value for organizations

Although many organizations are still unaware of the potential of implementing UX tactics/strategies and the impact it has on businesses and her value.

While some have scaled, grow and thrive having harness its power. A couple of them are highlighted below:

1) Apple — About December in the year 1996, Apple was facing a serious downturn on their investment as a company, they lost about $1 billion on $7 billion in revenue. I suppose, around then, if nothing was done or if Steve Jobs wasn’t invited back to the company, possibly we wouldn’t have caught wind of the brilliant products this incredible company engineer.

Jobs approach was user-focused, understanding the consumer (user) and building products with that in mind

In short, design saved apple with the leadership of Steve Jobs

2) Mozilla — It was reported that Mozilla saw a 70% decrease in support calls after spending about 14weeks focusing on usability and iterative design. (Nielsen Norman Group)

3) Staples — Staples increased its online revenues by 500% after their UX focused site redesign. (Human Factors International)

The intersection of the business goals and the users’ need is a prolific ground where one could build experiences that delight users and provide value to the organization.

A lot of factors, stories, and experiences has proven how important a sound UX (and other adjacent design and development field) is to both businesses and her customers (Users), which goes to show; We must think UX.

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