In you lies a book

Ed note: There's a book in everyman, find yours.

A book is proof that humans are capable of working magic. ~Carl Sagan.

There's a book in everyman, It is in our minds, words, responses to both internal and external stimuli, and in our behaviour within and out of our niche.

Man communicates in diverse of ways, sometimes it is in the little things we do, other times it falls in the tremendously great things that we subscribe to. Also, it is expressed in our relationship with both the intra- and inter-community, saying the things that matters the most in our own little ways.

Although,the power of words is limitless and the speed at which it travels is beyond our understanding, its functionality is not complete until expressed. Words will not travel an inch further than the trajectory created about it and the level of space opened to it.

In other words, “the quality of each ‘word’ that proceeds out from your lips, is only as limited as you are. If you would not add value to yourself, chances are that you would equally not add value through your words” ~ Obajowo Jimmy Michael.

There is definitely a book in you, however, it takes self-discovery and discipline to have it pass through the hearing of the world around you.

Refine your word, Define your voice.

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