!!!Love isn't enough!!!

Ed note: "Ever since my experience with heartbreaks I decided that I was going to shut my heart to all manner of feelings as a way to not only grow over the hurt but the memory as well. I felt caring for no one would be the one way to keep my heart guarded. However, I lied, not to anyone but to myself".~Obajowo Jimmy Michael

"Love is a conceit that reveals man's limitations".

Being in a relationship can be likened to a scenario with two people driving on a rough, bumpy, and an unknown road. While It would take the expertise of one to effectively propel the vehicle, there would be a need for total patience, understanding, trust and support from other person to eventually see the vehicle drive through the 'thick' and 'tough' until it finally arrives at a less troubled road.

Oftentimes, we fail in our responsibility as partners and take up a false-role, whereof our place in any relationship is neither to exercise authority nor create a ground for competition, instead, it is for a coalition of minds aimed at achieving feats that neither one of the individuals involved would have been able to achieve single-handedly.

You most definitely don't wanna have two Captains -with contracting opinions- steer a ship, the end will most likely be a disaster.

"The quality of the character you exude determines the quality of the life you attract"

Relationship becomes better when respect is not lost, and achievable goals are consistently envisaged. It is mostly about you believing that no matter what happens your love does matter.

Someone once said, "in my limited experience, I've come to understand that there can be a limit to how long -timeframe- you can love, but not on how much -quality- you can love. For love is entirely about you being of quality service to many, without the thought of what could be available as gain for you in return".

I believe we all would say that love is indeed a beautiful thing, if it weren't, it wouldn't come with so much reassurance, peace and comfort that it often presents.

"As beautiful as love, as damaging as poison"

Like every other good thing in life, there's also a twisted side to love that causes one to be despondent. A side that could easily put chains on your soul and body, while you derail from a set course. Also, like colours, love comes in different shades, and you would only be doing yourself a disservice if you're not sensitive enough to decipher what shade you've got before your eyes. 

"Facts might fail you, but your spirit wouldn't"

Never agree to make active decisions based on your emotions, for emotions are fickle and will wear-off with time. Instead, pay attention to your spirit, it'll intuitively lead you aright.

Love isn’t enough, find guts. 

I am Obajowo Jimmy Michael, a Christian|Writer| Social media analyst| Musician| and a Geneticist by discipline.

Follow me via @mrjimmymichaels on Twitter, Instagram and do visit www.jimmymichaelwrites.blogspot.com to read through a piece of my mind and world.


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