That love.

I’m waiting

I’m waiting for that love like hope,

Like tomorrow’s gathered dreams in a basket at my door

That love like hip hop

Swiss beats back to back with a jazz ring to it

A love I can dance to, with a rythem like sapphire

A dance like fire, breaking shackles, burning boxes

A love I can stand on.

Like Everest. Overwhelming. Overwhelm me.

Like flood, like death, like resurrection.

Like death again. Then new life.

New life.

I’m waiting for that love like boomerang, always returning.

That love as stunning as sunset,

Something to hang in a picture, pretty to behold

Better in real life

I’m waiting for that love like everyday, never tired of showing up

Like watermelon, knock me out

Fill me up

That love like flight, like air

Like less of breaths

And more of heights

I’m waiting for that love the colour purple, regal and absolute.

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