Three Interesting Colleagues I’ve met this Boot-camp

Everywhere we find ourselves, we encounter lots of people with different views, mindsets and personalities. In the school, in the office even in the church or mosque as the case may be. Interesting people who are fun to be with and people who practically get on our nerves all the time.

The difference in people makes the environment interesting. Take in a typical Nigerian university classroom setting for example, there is always:

  • The brainy person who was always the first to raise his/her hand when a question is asked.
  • The bookworm who acts like the world has ended just because he/she ended up with 97% out of 100% they were hoping for.
  • The group of back-benchers who always disturbed the class and argued all the time.
  • The good listeners who always take notes and sit in front all the time. In fact, they have specific spots in the class
  • The “Questionnaire” who always has something to ask relevant or not. (That moment you have been waiting for the lecturer to leave the class but someone keeps asking questions which extends the lecturer’s stay”)
  • The funny person who always makes everything into a joke. He mimics every lecturer perfectly.

I have met a couple of interesting colleagues in the Andela Bootcamp. I’ll talk about 3 of them.

  1. The Funny and “Always Laughing” Guy

There is always this person in every group who makes everywhere lively and turns everything into fun. This person will always laugh and make everything seem so simple.

I met Nwoko Uzoma who fits into that description. On the first day of the bootcamp, while everyone was worried and putting on frowns, trying to get the output for the day ready before the due time, he wore his smile in place. He made comments that made everyone in the team laugh which feel that they weren’t the only ones encountering problems which put everyone at ease. The faces he made too made people laugh and the team lively. Even with that, he didn’t lag behind in his work. He proved to be intelligent as well.

2. The Beautiful and Intelligent one

“Hello”, I say with a smile at this young lady sitting beside me, and she just looks at me with a straight face and replies “Hi” and that’s all, back to what she was doing. I interpreted the response as “Hi! What is it? Please don’t disturb me!” (Lol! yeah, I interpreted that from just the single word she said).

I got thinking and wondered how i was going to get along with her, but you know what, it was just a show. You know these kind of people who are friendly but like to hide it because in some way they think they’ll be taken advantage of, well, that’s who Osaze Edo Osagie is.

In the course of the activities for that day, we got talking and I encountered her lovely side. She’s a good teacher evident from the way she explained solutions to problems. She is a beautiful lady who is passionate about tech and loves anything related to Crime and Investigation.

3. The Guru

Wow! Isn’t there any language this guy doesn’t know about?” I thought aloud. “You know right”, answered a colleague who was sitting by me whom I didn’t think would hear me and we both laughed. It was impressive. Henry Otighe seemed to know so much about every language mentioned and he didn’t hesitate to explain all he knew about each language. He had used every language mentioned at one point in time. He seemed intelligent and because of his quiet nature, would sometimes be misjudged as a proud person. However, interacting with him proved otherwise.

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