Breaking Out

In our present society, we are often conformed to a particular way of living and thinking. We attend schools because we have to and most of the time we do not get to study a course of choice in the university, and as a result of these, we become rigid because we cannot handle the next stage of our lives. We apply for jobs that we are not fully grounded in and we are forced to work in places that we have little or no interest in. This results in ineffectiveness and little productivity in the place of work not because we are not dedicated or diligent but because we are placing focus on a career path that does not emphasise our strengths and this is where self discovery and self evaluation comes in.

I believe that if we invest enough time in discovering our strengths and weaknesses, explore various activities while we are still in school in order to determine what works best for us, we have a better chance at improving our lives. We all have different interests and passion in different aspects; for some, it’s fashion and for others, music, art, money management, event management, and so on. When we find out the things we have more passion for and develop ourselves in those areas, we are not bothered by what the society have to say about it. And in the end, we live our lives for ourselves and not for them.

About a month ago, my friend and I were talking about sharing thoughts and experiences with others in various forms such as writing. So my writing started off as a random activity that has now developed into a hobby. I may not have discovered my passion for writing if I had been heavily influenced by what others had to say. I had to consciously explore other options and writing is just one of the major discoveries. Others are awaiting. Lol.

Mind you, “If we all strive to make a dent on the universe, we will eventually reshape the world.”

Imagine a world where everyone actually takes out time to improve life and not because they’re pressured into doing so but because they have found their passion for it. The world needs people who are willing to better themselves and the people around them. The world would be a happier place because ideally, everyone would be involved in what they love and not conformed to what peers or the society has to say as regards that.

There are a lot of individuals that are breaking out of the norm and actually creating a perception of what the norm should be which is “not doing the usual” and so far it has really paid off. These individuals like Mark Zuckerberg, Jack Dorsey, Ben Silbermann and others have birth new ways of communication (social media) different from the conventional modes of communication. And a lot of other people doing the unusual that most people didn’t understand at first, but now they are becoming the “usual”.

Call to Action

  • Embrace the fact that you’re different from others. That’s what makes you unique. That’s what makes you, “you”.
  • Find your strengths and weaknesses. Build upon your strengths and do something passionate as time goes on.
  • Develop yourself by working on your weaknesses. Be true to yourself and accept the fact that you’re weak in those areas (no one is perfect). Improve on those weaknesses, with consistency you would realise they aren’t weaknesses anymore.
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