Alone at the Movies

I went to the cinema on Monday last week to watch “Spider-Man Homecoming”. Initially when I got there I thought I was and would be the only one in the there but I wasn’t. At some point before the movie started I saw sudden movement in the dark four seats ahead of me.

I realized later on that there was a young boy sitting there alone and he kept on looking back until like five other people came in and the lights were bright enough to let him know I was not a spectacle wearing zombie out to get him.

The last movie I watched at this particular cinema was “The Great Wall” and I saw it with a friend. We laughed, we talked and we enjoyed the movie together. She’s the type of friend that doesn’t need to eat anything while watching a movie (yup the best kind).

The Con’s of Watching a Movie by Yourself:

  1. It can be a bit nerve wracking, sitting there alone especially if you’re early and it seems like you’re the only one there. The one time this almost happened to me was when I went to watch “How to Train Your Dragon 2” and in the end some guy came in when the movie started and thankfully he stayed and was not a serial killer. We were the only two there that day.
  2. You experience the emotions all on your own and it’s a bit weird to laugh out loud by yourself. This happened to me when I watched “Spider -Man Homecoming”. It seemed strange hearing a joke and seeming to be the only one to get it or gasping during one of the sad/terrible occurrences of “Dunkirk”.
  3. There is nobody to discuss the movie with to prolong the aesthetics of the movie. I really enjoy discussing movies after watching them and it’s not as enjoyable when you’ve had to convince the person to watch it and wait for weeks for that talk.

In general it’s a pretty lonely experience.

The Pro’s of Watching a Movie by Yourself:

  1. You can seat anywhere and there is loads of space to stretch. You can place your feet on the backrest in front of you. Put your bag in the chair next to you and take out stuff from your bag without fear of judgement or making noise with wrappers.
  2. Unless you have a friend like mine, you don’t have to worry about buying popcorn, snacks and drinks. You can decide not to eat anything and save up. You’re also saved from the crunch and grind of people chewing seemingly right next to your ears.
  3. You can laugh out loud and be yourself since that friend that usually ‘shhushes’ you is not present. Sometimes your friends make you more self conscious than total strangers. This goes both ways, it’s weird but it can be freeing.
  4. You don’t have to entertain anyone. It’s funny that most times when you go to the cinema with a friend you might have the urge to comment, crack jokes and just talk about the actions and words on the screen as they occur. This may take away from your enjoyment of the movie.
  5. Finally, it’s really great when you are the only on sitting on your row and there’s nobody disturbing you with frequent visits outside.

It’s enjoyable going to the cinema alone.

Three Quick Reviews June -July:

I love Gal Gadot!
  1. ‘Wonder Woman’: I did not feel the need to go to the cinema to watch this when I saw the trailer. I honestly watched it because of all the hype. Frankly I think the acting was great, the plot was just okay and it was pretty much like previous superhero movies. Personally, I think the plot got a little less exciting as it thickened for some weird reason. I was impressed with Chris Pine’s end. I give it a 75%, just because a lot of effort went into the movie.
Tom Holland

2. Spider -Man Homecoming: This was a good movie. I prefer’d it to the previous ‘Spider-Man’ movies with Andrew Garfield. This one seemed really close to the cartoon character and I liked the energy that this ‘Spider-Man’ had. Plus the moral lessons in this one were glaring. I especially liked the fact that most of the focus was not on Mary Jane. It was funny, action packed and educational. I hereby dub it an 85%.

Fionn Whitehead, Aneurin Barnard, Harry Styles

3. Dunkirk: I love history! I’m sure people that do not like history might not appreciate the brilliance that is Dunkirk. Historical moments are fictional facts in my opinion. Lots of gaps are filled in by likelihoods to support the given evidence. I’m sure some journals from the war were recovered but those would have had conflicting information because they were written from different points of view. I think the characters in Dunkirk could have been a bit more dynamic. The only character that I think did a super great job was Tom Hardy. I think just by blinking he told us everything we needed to know about the state of mind that his character was in. It was not as emotional as some other war movies but it performed it’s educative function more than it entertained and I appreciate that (we were three in the cinema that day that watched it). I bestow on the movie a sound 85%.

I will do a review of the best cinematic movies of 2017 in December and anyone that will recommend, like and or comment on this will know why! Please recommend, like and comment. Thank’s for reading!

Hint: A Jedi will be reborn!