Femi’s Reality

It was silent and Femi wondered why, then he realized he had been hearing repeatedly a loud scream of ‘oh God’ and ‘Jesus’ but now it was silent. He had blacked out. The drugs probably. He was lying on the floor and couldn’t understand why. Then he looked to the door and froze. There was a girl there with a bra on and she looked so still, he could see blood around her, on the floor everywhere even on him. He dashed to his room, pulled off the shirt; boxers and trousers at his ankles and put on clean clothes while his brain tried to register what was going on. He pulled the bed sheet from off his bed and rushed to the sitting room and then he placed it around her and then grabbed his keys, he lifted her in his arms and then he fumbled with the keys and his car door. He finally got it open and placed her inside. He rushed back to lock the house door, then to open the gate. He walked with long strides to the drivers side opened the car door and backed out. He parked outside the gate, got out and then he closed the gate and went to seat in the car.

One of his phones was in the compartment behind the steering wheel he reached for it to call Fumbi, and then he remembered. He lowered the phone with shaking hands and then bent his head over the steering wheel and for the first time since he was eight and his father had whipped him to the extent that he had gone unconscious Olufemi William Akingbola cried. He didn’t know how long he spent there until he heard movement behind him and then he heard her say ”Jesus” but then she started crying herself. The confident Pemi, who said whatever she wanted but strongly believed in the power of Jesus to save was helpless and defeated in the back seat. Alone and shamed, she didn’t deserve this, no one did but it had happened.

He drove her to the hospital and in the parking lot he got out and when over to the back seat to help her out. “DO NOT TOUCH ME” she hissed as she slowly unraveled from her curled up position, hissing in pain. She finally made it out of the car and she took three steps before her feet gave out under her. He lifted her up into his arms ignoring her hiss and the tense way she held herself and soon they were in the hospital.

“We helped her clean up and gave her a sedative to help her sleep. She’s lucky you found her” The doctor told Femi forty five minutes after he had brought her in.

“Will she be alright” He asked anxiously with sweat running down his face and back.

“Yes she will be, is there a way her parents can be notified, she almost had a fit when I mentioned her parents to her”

“Yes, I… I think I can arrange for that”

“Oh, so you know her?” The doctor asked surprised.

“Yes to an extent, I know her friend and she goes to the university as well”

“Is that where it happened?””

“Em..I’ll go and look for a way to contact her parents”

“The police will be by later on, we’ll need to carry out some tests but we’ll need to contact relatives”

“I’ll be back”

Femi drove to the hostel, he wasn’t sure how he knew it was Gbeke’s but he just knew. He didn’t know her room number, he walked in through the gate, thankfully no one was there and then he saw a small shop that obviously sold necessities, he asked the owner if she knew Gbeke.

“Gbeke? Pemi and Gbeke?”


“Yes, I know them, I’ve been waiting for Pemi she said she’ll help my children today”

Femi felt like a knife had sliced through his chest when she said that. She told him Gbeke’s room number. He got there and knocked on the door. She opened the door and he got in to see that she was packing.

“Gbeke I need you to come with me and call Pemi’s parents”

“What happened” her eyes looked hysterical.

“She’s fine now, she’s in the hospital, she’s okay but her parents need to be notified”

“WHAT HAPPENED!” she screamed at Femi.

“Gbeke she’s fine, I need to call her parents” she took a deep breath and then she went to her phone and gave him the numbers. Femi’s hands shook as he dialed the number.

“Hello?” Thankfully it was a man’s voice.

“Hello sir, my name is Femi, Pemi is at the hospital, she’s fine now but the doctors didn’t have family contacts”.

“Which hospital?”

Femi gave the description surprised that the father had sounded so calm.

“Gbeke lets go”. Femi said as soon as the phone call was over.

They walked to the car and he drove to the hospital somehow. Thankfully Pemi was asleep when they arrived at the hospital.

They sat in the corridor till her parents came,

“Gbeke how are you? Have you seen her?”

“No ma she’s sleeping there’s the nurse ma”

The nurse took them in and then came out to go get the doctor. The doctor went in and then a few seconds later they heard both parents say “WHAAT!” Then the mothers say “E GBAMI OOOOO! TA NI MO SE?”. Femi got up and went close to the door to listen in. the doctor was speaking while the mother could be heard sobbing in the background. The doctor had faced the father and was talking to him.

“We have sent over our report, and the police will be over when she wakes up in about an hour. We have given her shots to prevent hepatitis, gonorrhea, chlamydia, trichinosis as well as preventive treatment for HIV. She’ll be kept here for five days if she still shows signs of instability, shock that type of thing but I think she’ll be fine, we also need to check if she’s pregnant”.

“But who brought her in doctor?”

“The young man outside”

“The tall one with Gbeke?”

Thanks for reading and I’m sorry for the gaps. I’m back and settled and I will be more consistent. Happy New Year. Watch out for the next one.