Pemi’s Story (1)

Pemi told me that her story would be incomplete without Gbeke’s, her best friend. She started from the time her (Gbeke’s) cousin got married. They had both been dreading the work, but anticipating the food and dancing but Pemi couldn’t go for some reason she couldn’t recall. It was also Gbeke’s birthday. Pemi said Gbeke claimed she had been woken at six am, the mothers had evidently been awake before that, she had heard them walking around and talking like an hour before despite the ceremony starting at twelve she had decided to finally get up.

She brushed her teeth and bathed, the Church service was at twelve and the reception scheduled for three. She knew without doubt that there was a lot to do. Although there were women hired to cook, somehow the relatives still had to do some cooking. Gbeke left the bathroom after cleaning up and went into the kitchen, there she found one of her older cousins, she called her aunt since she was like ten years older than her.

“Gbeke o de waba mi ge awon efo yi, ke ke ke, so ti gbo, mo fe sare de isale?” she then gave her the knife and rushed off. She was and yet was not ready to do the work, however she began cutting the vegetables but not as small as she had been instructed. As she stood there for some reason her energy level was depleting, she wondered where her younger brother, cousins and uncles where when the females were forced to do all this. Then the cousin came back up “Gbeke! bawo lo se n ge awon efo yi? How will you cook nicely for your husband if you can’t cut simple vegetables properly”. She hissed in consternation and then grabbed the knife from Gbeke.

Gbeke then decided to venture downstairs, her mother was there and her mum immediately called for her to go back upstairs to bring a wooden spoon. This went on till about nine. Gbeke ran errands, cut up whatever needed cutting (mostly onions), and so on. It was her birthday but nobody remembered that it was. She herself couldn’t believe that it was her birthday.

“She felt very bad that day, because when I called her that morning at about ten thirty she was almost in tears” Pemi told me. We were about ten minutes into the journey and I could not tell were the story she was telling was headed, just then her baby started fussing so she turned to him and patted him to he would go back to sleep which he did. “Where was I?”

Everything was packed up and they were getting ready to go, Gbeke had just given the last available drink to a guest, It was time to go since the couple had left. The venue of the reception had been a school down the road and about fifteen minutes from her house. The cars going back to her house had been filled up and since she already felt bad she had offered to walk. Her brother had left a long time ago, at least he had remembered her birthday, though he hadn’t remembered that people usually gave presents to other people when they had their birthdays, the thought that counts right? As she headed home she did feel like crying again. Thankfully she was wearing slippers and not the heels that she had worn initially, that was one relief.

A car pulled up next to her, it was a white Toyota camery sedan (2012) the driver’s window was rolled down and a guy in sun glasses was peering at her through the window “Hi, do you need a lift?”, she actually recognized the guy, he was friends with her neighbor but she had never actually spoken to him before. He was good looking despite the beard he sported. He was also light skinned with an oval shaped face. She usually did not take lifts from practically strangers but her house was up hill and she was miserable. “Yea, I wouldn’t mind, thank you”. She answered then walked behind the car and got into the passenger seat.

“My name is Wale, you’re Frank’s neighbor right?” He said.

“Yes, my name’s Gbeke” she responded she didn’t feel like talking to him, but then she was grateful for the ride.

“I passed by this area of yours yesterday, it’s your sister getting married right?”

“No it’s my cousin and she’s already married.”

“Oh, Frank wanted me to come with him but I had things to do”.

“How nice.”

He seemed to have deduced that she was not interested in the conversation, so it came to an abrupt end.

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