Pemi’s Story (Prologue)

Photo credit: me.

You can hardly tell looking in from the outside the intricacy of things, relationships, decisions, and most anything. Each thought, action, or speech is like a drop in a mighty ocean that does make that ocean. The big and the small make up the story of our lives.

Some things you would have to feel for yourself to be able to understand, others you might get second hand. I do not know all there is to know about this story even though it has plagued me for months, what I do know I will share with you and I hope I recount it well enough for you to feel as I felt when I heard it.

I met Pemi on a plane. We had both been on holiday in Nigeria. I was returning to school and she was ‘just returning’ as she emphasized when we started sharing information. Minutes before that I dragged my hand luggage behind her as we headed for the aircraft and in my head I wondered why she was traveling alone before I moved on to wonder what movies to watch on the journey. She was a perfect stranger and I hadn’t even seen her face at this point.

I did notice she had a tiny form on her back which was covered up (I knew that mothers did this to little babies, I think those less than four months old) and she carried a hand bag on one shoulder and had a diaper bag slung on her hand luggage which she dragged along behind her with the other arm. It seemed like a handful to me.

Unfortunately we had to climb stairs into the plane, I heard her sigh and at that point I decided to help her so I tapped her on her shoulder and said “Hello ma, can I help you carry..?” She turned to look at me and I had to school my features. She looked about my age! She couldn’t be over twenty one! I was shocked and curious but you couldn’t possibly ask what would be private questions from a stranger. I was also discouraged by the high possibility of us not sitting in the same section.

“Oh yes please, thank you!” She responded with tears in her eyes but thankfully they didn’t fall. I could see she was close. She allowed me to precede her. I had wanted to sit alone and not be disturbed, watch a movie, and probably sleep, so I thought about these things and anticipated doing them. On reaching the entrance one of the hosts greeted me and I automatically assuming she would be sitting somewhere else presented her and her luggage to him. This meant that she passed by me and went on with the host.

At this point I moved further in and was blocked by a passenger trying to put his hand luggage in the compartment above his seat. I waited for him to take his seat and continued down the aisle looking for my seat, two more passengers blocked my way.

My seat was at the back and as I approached I saw her again and checked for my seat number and then realized that it was right next to hers. She looked up at me and said “We’re sitting together!” She was genuinely happy to sit with me and I knew the next six hours would be something!

The baby was in a baby seat to her right, sound asleep. I could finally see the child’s face, he or she looked tiny and beautiful. She told me later on that it was a boy.

It was not long before the pilot told us to prepare for takeoff. I hate this part of flying. The landing and the takeoff. I had introduced myself to Pemi and she did the same. The aircraft lurched forward and we both reached out for the other, held hands, bowed our heads and said ‘Jesus’ at the same time. We then looked at the other and smiled. We both seemed to hate takeoff.

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