GamyFi Gaming Platform Consists of multiple applications, games andE-Sports products. Few need to sign up, and others can be used withjust a web3 supported wallet. 5 Applications will be launched in Q2-Q32021 as listed below, with much more to come.
GamyFi is the first blockchain fantasy gaming and E-Sports Platform and allows users to interact with real-world sports events and games to earn and invest. Therefore it needs a reliable security Framework
GamyFi is designed to tackle conventional gaming's key challenges. It will deliver a host of unique features and enhancements completely governed by the Community.
GamyFi (GFX) is the Native token of the GamyFi platform used to Reward the users and use the platform applications. The token supply is capped at 10 million tokens. The token will be available on Ethereum, Binance smart chain and Polkadot. Most GFX tokens will be distributed to the Community through staking, Yield Farming, and Gaming Programs. Making it truly decentralized and Community backed. The GFX token is the Governance token of the platform too. The token holders can create new Governance proposals and vote for them with GFX token.
GamyFi uses Elrond and BSC to ensure scalability, Smart contract compatibility, speed and greater reach. GamyFi works on Elrond and BSC and will be launched on Ethereum after 2.O launch. The NFT platform is built on BSC Network. The reason behind choosing multiple blockchains is to balance the load of heavy usage. The Platform will be available 24×7 for millions of users. And at times of Network congestion, even the most powerful blockchains tend to become slower. But using Elrond can help manage it and help secure the Network while the NFT marketplace runs smoothly on BSC Network
GamyFi is a revolutionary blockchain technology-based platform that uses the "GFX" token as the in-game Currency to reward users and complete transactions. GamyFi is designed to tackle conventional gaming's key challenges. It will deliver a host of unique features and enhancements completely governed by the Community.
Quarterly Dividends: The GFX tokens held at GamyFi Platform will share 51% of the total platform fees. The Dividends will be Distributed every 3 months among the token holders on the platform. Allowing users to earn for the time and attention they provide
GamyFi is real-time synced gaming and E-SportsPlatform and it requires high-end servers andscalable Blockchain technology to keep it fastand scalable. Therefore GamyFi uses Elrond, alightning-fast layer 1 blockchain and cuttingedge servers for the platform. When the platformgrows the servers will be upgraded andrevamped. The GFX token and dapps are basedon Binance smart chain and will be expanded toPolkadot

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Crypto ambassador / gaming specialist

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Crypto ambassador / gaming specialist

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