Programming can be so interesting, yet funny. You load a text editor; an ordinary text editor, type in a combination of characters, spend a little more time on it and your computer starts behaving intelligently.

The computer; it is just a box, an ordinary box but then it starts to think and do magical stuffs. You sent in a number, it returns an encrypted data. I type in a statement and it’s trying to correct my grammar and I’m thinking.

I’m the one with the brain here

How true is that?

So today, my Andela home alone Day III, I loaded my sublime text editor and began typing.

if this …

do that …

Passed in my data and viola, it did something. I was like;

Programmers gives consciousness to inanimate things

This is serious. That suggests to me that I can arrange a small computer in the nearest future, say a robot, pass in some instructions to keep watch of my house for me, find another robot for him to play with and go on a voyage.” Well, It is happening already.

What then is programming? A lot of very interesting definitions but in my simplest thought, I like to define programming as “giving consciousness to a combination of inanimate object or platforms; sensors, processors, web pages”.


Today, day III of Boot camp, home sessions; I see the computer differently.

More than a note pad or file interpreter, the computer can predict, respond to an action, reject and accept response. It’s exciting to me that I can make my computer do these things.

The boot camp days are counting and I’m running against time. So much data to crunch, A lot to think through. it feels like my eyes are about to emit flames. I love to pick my work station, close my eye, and run my hands on my keyboard like Bob Tabor, only to open my eye and find that my application is ready for release. I love that reality and I know I will get there because I’m on the right path; a little here and a little there.

With the few days, I spent in the boot camp, here are a few of my experiences.

· I can track the progress of my project using git.
· My confidence in Javascript is building up.
· I understand that feedback is key for advancement
· Results are achieved faster as a team.
· I can make a simple http request using node.js
· I can design a simple webpage using html and CSS.

Here are a few things that I will work hard to be rooted in.

· Working knowledge of object oriented programming in Javascript and other languages as time unfolds.
· Building Javascript scalable software using node.js
· Perfect understanding of HTTP protocols.

The following had also been very helpful

· Group three (3) boot camp team members
· Team guide assigned by Andela recruitment thing
· Slack as a means of effecting team collaboration
· Awareness of expectations created on the first day of Boot camp

For me, the boot camp has both been tasking and equipping. I can only say that I look forward to what to the tasks of subsequent days of the Andela boot camp.

photo credit: Ubahnverleih <a href=”">RoboCup 2016 Leipzig — Debugging</a> via <a href=”">photopin</a> <a href=”">(license)</a>