Grow up, you’re just so immature and you still have a lot of learning to do” was the little shotgun she gave him after a ten-minute altercation.

He disliked hearing such especially from a member of the feminine gender, every man does. He wouldn’t want to be caught having rancor with a girl, so he decided to maintain a distance and just keep things formal. “I’ve had enough of this insults, let sleeping dogs lie” he thought.

Hours passed and His phone didn’t buzz. Momentarily, it will vibrate and He’ll swipe up in anticipation of an apology from her only to discover they were just random notifications that serves to worsen his mood.

Then He began thinking

This is very unlike her, it’s been three years now and she has never said such. Did I unwittingly pissed her off? or could it be because the money wasn’t forth coming? but then she is not the nagging type!

Clears throat as his colloquial ascent coursed into his thoughts

Even if she wants to nag ‘self’, ‘sebi’ she ‘sha’ knows I’m not the lazy type”.

A couple of minutes passed and there came the silent soliloquy

keep your calm, this was the same girl that will gently call you to talk things over, how come she lashed out on you like that?”

“Maybe she was right. I don’t even know what she wants, I’d done everything in my power to do, I cannot come and die because of any woman

Ladies will always be ladies” He reflected

He didn’t know when he drifted into sleep while thinking. He woke up a couple of minutes later and something seemed to reset within Him. He rushed into the bathroom to take a shower and a thought coursed through His mind “Three years ago before I met this girl, I felt I was cute, I wasn’t pushing but ever since she came, I’d become better. I had done enough creative stuffs just to make her happy and she appreciated them. Maybe she wanted more, maybe she felt there’s more to me than what she’s getting from me”

Then the phone rang, it was her, the long awaited call, 28 hours of silence felt like a month, He really missed her but her last submission about him was a pill still hanging in his throat, He answered the call expecting a “Sorry dear, I shouldn’t have addressed you harshly” but then she said

How are you, why haven’t you beeped me? That manly ego thing right?

To which He responded “Oh not at all, just having a reflection, a man must think now

O…okay, Yes! I just said to remind you that you’re still my best buddy” she responded excitedly as if she said nothing 28 hours ago

Oh cool, I believe you are “That ended the call.


He saw an opportunity there; He hasn’t fully figured out what He did wrong but He knew He could create a better impression. The phone call was a great time slot for Him. He wanted to give her a treat but didn’t have a stack of money to create an event though He had some cash on him.

It takes more than money to be judged matured, time is money people say, so if I can invest in time to create value, I can get the respect that money brings” that sounded cool to him.

He would ravish the opportunity to do her a song but He had neither time nor the means. After a period of personal brainstorming, he remembered He loved pencil works but the last time He did that was thirteen years ago.

Let me give it a try

He fetched himself some drawing materials, got a few of her cutest pictures and started out. He made the first sketch and showed her, she went like “Whoa! who drew that

He made the second sketch and the third and with every new sketch, an artist was being born in Him, a stroke here, another stroke there was creating another shade of him; a new reality. He recalled in one of His engineering classes that feedback is always a negative function and as negative as the function might be, it is necessary to keep a system stable if efficiency is a thing of importance to the design Engineer. That was an eureka moment for him, He decided to take the next leap

I will give this a professional touch” he mused.

He got a few photo frames, perfected the drawings and framed them. He bought a few gifts and planned a surprise visit.


5th September was the day, He traveled to pay her a surprise visit.

She went to work just like every normal day, she had barely finished saying the early morning office prayers when her phone rang. It was him.

She picked the call “Good morning

morning dear, trust you had a great night rest?

Yes, I did

Make a guess

I don’t want to guess, tell me

I’m in town

Town? Which town? Why didn’t you hint me before coming, I could have…

hush! relax, it’s nothing serious. I will just hangout with a few friends here and check on you after work hours

In the cool of the day, after work hours, he got her favorite dish from the mall and sauntered to her abode. There she was, seated like a carefully thought out craft of a genius, straightening out her hair strands with her soft hands, legs crossed, eyes wore the innocence of a child. She was irresistible

He rushed to her, helped her to her feet like a gentle man and gave her a tight hug.

So comforting” she whispered “I would have been better prepared if you informed me

I don’t want you spending” he replied

After a long session of rubbing minds and resolving pending issues, he unpacked and presented the frames. Her face lit up.

Whoa! oh my God!” came the joyfully pulsating response

You could almost pick the complete spectrum of the rainbow in her blush as she smiled in utter excitement.

You know I didn’t mean any hurt with my statement” She said “I just do not want you to settle in obsolete positions of disadvantage, I knew you could be better than this and I wanted to give you that thrust. That been said, I’m sorry I came hard on you. But men, this is awesome

The “He” and “Him” in the script was “Me” in the past four months. She is the easy going type. As long as she remains my friend, I can’t stop stretching out to a finer version of me.

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