Black America, please stop appropriating African clothing and tribal marks.
Zipporah Gene

I am Yoruba. I am Nigerian. I found this article extremely disturbing on many levels. I have never in my life thought anything wrong of seeing my african brothers and sisters in the diaspora (African americans, afrobrazillians, afrodominicans etc) wearing African print. I love it. It makes me happy. It reminds me of our shared heritage that was stolen from us by the african slave trade. I am sure it will make our ancestors happy. Its not cultural appropriation. Its called genetic memory. DNA has a memory you know.

You forget that african living in Northern-America are Africans!!!!! We were separated over 400 years ago but African DNA, blood and memories runs through their veins. Of course, fellow african americans would love African prints, food and musical rythym. DNA does not forget these things you know!!

To the writer, I really hope you are more careful in connecting your name in the future to insulting articles. You are hurting the feeling of millions of Africans in the diaspora and africans in the motherland who are still saddened by the african slave trade and its consequences for the continent and black people all over the world.

I apologize on behalf of progressive educated Yoruba Nigerians to any African American living in the diaspora who was insulted by this article. You should not be insulted for remembering and acknowledging home after 400 years of in a foreign land!!

To the writer, you need to re-read about the middle passage and re-read some Toni Morrison including Beloved before writing about african americans and black culture in general.