A Day In A Life Of A Graphic Designer

I’m 23 years old, and I’m a full time designer

Dear folks, it has been a long time since I’ve known to pro-plan for everything that gonna happened in my life. I’m obsessed with system and idealism, and I don’t know how common people would define these terms, but to me, I’m proud with my colour. Having that idealistic characteristic and being a designer, I love documenting and keeping track of every thing that I encountered and going to encounter. This obsession also helps me develop a daily routine that which made me utterly happy and satisfy until now. The process of making this plan is, however, never has it been a perfect linear. It’s like a spiral staircase, when the progress goes up, I would happily step up and go upwards, when the bad thing appears, I need to step back and correct at where I put my foot wrongly. The learning and improving process involves spirally and have changed me on how I would look and envision the world.

I would list down on how I start a day as a full-time designer below in chronically order and would give you the information of each time I failed too. FYI, as given naturally as a human-form with wounds to feel pain and bloods to maintain life, I’m basically a normal human-being with 3 sections of time a day. I call they: (1) Morning, (2) Noon and (3) Night time.

☀️ Morning.

At dawn, I wake up at 4:00AM to start a day with Huy’s support, my boyfriend. He works from the morning shift to afternoon shift at a glamorous Hotel atop the Saigon Takashimaya centre. Waking up daily in the morning has engraved into his gene that he has a power of dragging himself out of bed and prepare to go out daily by 5:30 AM. He has the magic that I lack, and I’m a muggle want to learn some magic spells. So Huy aids me to wake up at 4:00 AM every day and I tell him I would love to start a new day with more productive hours and less destructive hours, aka. Do more in daytime and release everything when the sun faded down. It’s a strategy that I would love to start it sooner.

Our morning section goes like this:

  • 4:00 AM, we wake up even before the alarm goes off
  • 4:20 AM, sometimes, our sleepiness defeats us and blesses us with a few more minutes which consequences for some arguments, but God knows we’ve tried our best, and we just call it day.
  • 4:20–4:45 AM, while Huy scares of the freeze water of morning shower, and willingly to reheat 2 portions of food for our pugs, I’m taking a hard-cold shower to awake me up. I also want to optimise and quicken the soberness even more, so I allow us to swallow pills of Caffeine, and yes, it’s another magic spell that I learnt.
  • 4:50 AM, we put Milo and Kales - the duo pugs, back into their cage and attentively bring the rubbish bag to dump. Daily responsibly. Period. We’re now heading to the café besides Saigon Nortre Dame cathedral.
  • 5:10 AM, we would sit comfortably by this time at the café. Huy would struggle with his stomach if he is not going to have a proper breakfast. Therefore, instead of a cup of coffee, we play safe with our body with a piece of cake. Some day it’s a small piece of a birthday-cake, some day it’s a baked bread with some shredded pork. I’ve never enjoyed that much for breakfast in my life.
  • 5:10–8:00 AM, I spend these 3 hours for studying Chinese and do things that I love. Daily, I used to list down 10 most important for a day in Todoist and would strictly follow it. Sometime, my brain can’t stop but keep adding a few more tasks, but at the end of the day, I always end up of not finishing them.
Just for you to know…

Every morning, I always want to start by writing my Morning Journal. It’s the joyful task of the day! The writing subjects vary day by day, there are days I would tell the whole world from my 3D studying plan to very plain days that I don’t know what to write. Once done, I start to do my Chinese learning meditation process.


  • 8:00 AM, I leave the café and bike to my company’s office. The distance is just a few buildings away. I reach the office every day at 8:15 AM and never forget to smile positively with the people I’d met.
  • 8:00–5:00 PM, I don’t know who invented the 8 hours working time. I personally think it’s cliché and impractical. I don’t know how the rest of the earth’s population would go to spend their times, but to me, I have my own way in other to make use of it:
  1. Firstly, how can a designer starts a day without a full cup of methyl theobromine, oh, sorry. I mean cafein.

2. Secondly, I will go through a list of 10 x tasks that I prepared on the day before and start the execution plan from that.

3. Thirdly, If within a working day, If I don’t over-load with urgent tasks, I would spend 80% of my daytime thinking of how “I would master my Blender skill”

4. Fourthly, I will leave the room by 5:00, no later than 1 minute. It’s a good practice tho, sometimes, I just don’t understand why people would linger themselves at office chairs to work until very late of 7 or even 9. I bet, they passionate about their job and have lost the concept of time, or negatively enough, they’re just so suck at time management. I’m tho, have spent a solid of 8 hours focusing on learning and working, I could not spare any longer after that, and start and leave something on accurate time would allow me to be more productive. Period. No more excuses.

🌕 Night.

  • 5:00 PM-6:45 PM: I have plant to only use this very special time for relaxing and chilling with books. But from this moment onwards, sadly, I have to delay it and leave the spot for a better alternation: Studying 3D. So the plan would accurately happen like this:
  1. 5:15 PM, I might reach home and start to reheat meals for me and the pug. I also never forget to boil water with 2 slices of ginger, I feel like it makes me feel better up every day.

2. 6:00 PM, I need to take a warm shower to ease my muscle for better sleeping

3. 6:45 PM, by then, I should finish having dinner and the pugs will be given food by this time.

  • 7:00 PM-10:00 PM, another 3 hours, I need to use these 3 hours to focus on making progress in my design profession. Either, it’s studying 3D or 2D, I need to be good at it. I also remind myself from any kinds of distraction. I muted the phone and not reply to anyone’s message until the next morning when I arrived at work.
  • 10:00 PM, I’m going to sleep by then.

Even thought, I’m feeling a bit of disappointment because I couldn’t accomplish the mission that I drew for myself. However, I have no doubt towards myself and be proud that I’m confident enough to overwrite my routine. I know it’s hard to spend most of the day just for learning. It’s utter exhausted. But I want you to know if you want to be an extraordinary man, you have to act like one. You can’t just go with the mainstream and say you’re fine with the defaults. Everything in this life has a label, but it’s modifiable and the result of that depends on you.

In the next 2 years, I’m expecting myself to be the master at the 3D industry. I want to see my glowing at work and look passionate of doing what I love. I wish you luck on finding a suitable path for yourself, too. Keep being honest with yourself, and that is the only key leads to succeed.




Oliver Huynh. A Vietnamese Motion Graphic Designer, interested in learning languages, computer graphics and sociological studies.

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Oliver Huynh. A Vietnamese Motion Graphic Designer, interested in learning languages, computer graphics and sociological studies.