Iphone 7 review


The iPhone 7 Plus hardly needs an introduction. Apple’s latest constantly get the focus no matter how little the company has changed. An aura of controversy has always been a part of Apple’s advertising and some might assert the opinions that are polarized actually work in their favor.
And the iPhone 7 couple tops the scale that is polarizing this season thanks to dumping the standard audio jack and the iconic hardware key. It seems this doesn’t get in the way of the iPhone providing exceptional functionality and brilliant user experience for another year in a row. We brought the iPhone 7 review to you, and today it’s time for its bigger sibling.
While the 7 isn’t the first that slap two snappers next to each other, it’s the first attach telephoto lens.
And did we mention it’s watertight now?
Indeed, a lot has changed since last year, however you can tell something is being held by Apple back. Whether the firm merely do not need to give it all at once, or is keeping its finest game for the iPhone’s tenth anniversary next year, it doesn’t really matter. If it were not the new variants that are Black, you can barely tell the iPhones that are new from the preceding generation. Same shape, same looks, same big screen bezels.
It is still much from a short one, although the list of omissions is shrinking with each year. But then again, Apple has its pros and cons, and the latter do not come cheap. To be able to keep iOS free of bugs, glitches, and throttles, Apple still poses tons of limitations for programmers and users.

Remains with us right after the break to see what is gone for good, and what is new, what got better.

Design and build quality

We did not get the finest deal with the new generation iPhones, that is for sure. The iPhone 7 looks almost identical to the iPhone 6 and 6 s Plus, and if it were not for the new double camera on the back, it’s hardly distinguishable from the other Pluses.
Obviously, refurbished looks don’t translate into a mediocre vibe. To the contrary, Apple’s iPhone is perhaps one of the most delightful and best-built apparatus there.
The iPhone 7 is big for a 5.5-incher mostly because of its beefy bezels and tremendous Home key below the display. Keeping the old design meant inheriting some old unpleasantries, but Apple made sure to make up for those in technology.
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The most notable changes in the layout are the deficiency of the new double camera and the analog audio jack. You can find also two new paint jobs — Jet Black and Matte Black, replacing the previous Space Gray. Unfortunately, the Jet Black is really prone to scratches, acknowledged by Apple, so that as intended more like a small eye-candy variant, as opposed to a mainstream purchase.
Most users may also appreciate the refined antenna bands — those have already been moved to flow with the curves of the layout around underside and the top, something that Meizu came up with first on their Master 6.
 Taking the audio jack and the hardware Home key out from your equation surely helped Apple reach watertight body more easy than others.
Notice that the Lightning port does not have charging protection and if you try to charge your iPhone 7 Plus while wet, you may short circuit and destroy your phone. The guarantee won’t cover this instance, of course.


Apple has equipped the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus with a new-generation A10 Fusion processor. It has a quad core CPU, a first for the iPhones, with two high-performance cores running at 2.34GHz and two power-saving ones. The high performance ones run about 40% quicker than the chip that is A9 and two times faster than the A8.
Another two are more power-saving cores and require just 20% of the power desired for the high-performance cores. Game can use those; in fact, they can’t be detected by the standards at all — they show the CPU as dual core. So, as far as the processing functionality is concerned — all benchmarks use the two high performance A10 cores ticking at 2.34GHz.
There’s a new GPU in as well. It is a six-core one and is not 50% slower than the A9’s GPU and draws on merely 66% of the power.
The iPhone 7 Plus happens to carry the most powerful mobile processor core on the planet to date — the one inside Apple A10 Fusion. It runs on 2.34GHz, which is among the highest clocks we have seen, but it also offers the finest performance right now.
Running the BaseMark OS II 2.0 compound some standard particular results. The offender — its memory score was rather inferior (memory as in storage not RAM).
This discrepancy led us to test other iPhone 7 Plus versions. Indeed, determined by the on board storage, the three iPhone 7 Plus versions scored enormously differently on Basemark OS II with the memory classification score being the only reason for those differences. The 32GB flavor scores 851 in Memory, 1319 points are achieved by the 128GB, and the 256GB puts up a score of 3052.

Our additional investigation into the issue with other benchmarks disclosed that it’s especially the poor write speeds on the 32GB version.
This could be either as a result of technology limitation — such are the SSD speeds — the more storage the hence better and more stations speeds. So the difference in storage speed could be due to the chip maker or Apple could also use different vendors because of its storage processors.
We did a blog post on the subject and you can find out more about the issue here.
In practice it would be extremely hard to see the difference in performance between three versions in real life. They’re not equally slow and there isn’t any lag.
There’s no doubt Apple has designed the chipset that is most powerful to date — the A10 Fusion and thus the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus are the most rapid smartphones on earth today. Its accessible two cores and the A10 Fusion chip beat every other mobile ARM chip and thus does the GPU.
Unlike the iPhone 7, the 7 Plus model doesn’t run cool — it heats around the edge quick and a lot, though no overheating happens. We suspect the GPU might be running on a clock that is somewhat lower to prevent exactly that and it could describe the small difference between the raw GPU performance of the iPhone 7.
Anyway, we’d anticipated nothing less from Apple and the iPhone 7 Plus. The company continues to smash against the opposition with thoughtful design as an alternative to crazy processing centers number and many have already realized this is the proper way to do things today.
 It doesn’t restrain the functionality to cool down however, so you’ll have nothing to worry about.