My internship ended almost 1 year ago, and I finished writing posts here at that time. But it does not mean that I forgot about Git :)

I remind you that all my work during the internship was not merged into the system, and then in April I decided to start it again from the early beginning. I am still doing it, but I guess I am so close to finish with my last patch. It is here:

I told that remote work doesn’t give me an ability to chat with my colleagues, and I am not happy about it at all. Now it’s time to tell you one more secret: I am an introvert.

Actually, there is no contradiction: I love my friends and I usually like to chat with my colleagues because they are usually the same people and I used to them, and, even more important — it’s not the crowd. But I feel super stressful and shy in overcrowded places.

Another fact about me: I’m terribly hearing. My health is fine, I mean, audio…

Thing that I hate the most is the ideal posts about new experience. I mean, when you are doing next important step in your life, it could not be ideal in all details. But most of the people idealize their experience. And it’s always so frustrating when you try to repeat same scenario (go to university, get a pet — it could be anything) and you have faults and misunderstandings in every small piece.

I really want to say only positive things about the internship because I successfully finished it, and especially because I met my mentors in real life…

My internship finished last week. Actually, it means that I could stop writing posts and get rid of any schedules, but anyway I want to continue my work. The main task of the internship hasn’t finished yet. (It’s important to mention that I am free to forget about Git, no push from my mentors, but I don’t want to.)

Last week I was at Git Merge conference in Barcelona — such a nice way to finish the internship and meet International Women’s day! I love that experience so much. There were some exciting talks, I met great people from all…

I am working on that one:

The main idea of my work now is to prepare ref-filter for more general usage of its formatting logic. It will give me a possibility to make a migration of cat-file easier.

This week I am trying to get rid of any printing stuff in ref-filter except show_ref_array_item() function. It will allow new users to decide on their own whether they need to print something in ref-filter or they want to do it in their side.

Next week I’m going to Git Merge Conference in Barcelona, looking forward to meet everyone there. Super excited about that!

It’s almost the end of the internship, and — you know what? — we decided to throw my solution and start from the beginning.

As a complete optimist, I can say that “the code in master branch of Git is not good enough for my patch”. :-)

The reality is not far away from that, actually. I designed my own solution based on existing code, and I added really many kludges to make it work. Current solution in Git was designed to support narrow list of tasks, and my task can’t be added to that list without pain.

So, we…

Still in review process and fixing minor issues…

I was removed a wisdom tooth yesterday, and before it there were 2 days of terrible pain and I was just waiting for the moment when doctor will be ready to make an operation. I still feel so suffering, many “sorry” to you, my reader. This story will be the shortest one.

I am still making changes and try to make the patch perfect so that it could be merged into the main version. I hope I will send third version to the review to the mailing list this weekend, now I am waiting for my mentor’s review.

Wish you to have strong health!

This week looks relaxed and calm, the review process is going, so in general I just need to wait.

But, for me it’s much easier to write the code than to wait :) So it’s not the easiest week for me personally.

I have done some code improvements, I also continue reading about gdb and valgrind. I think about next patches, but it is the hardest part because all work could be useless (it is based on current patch, and I need to be realistic — the community could decide that the changes do not worth to be added. …

I am happy to say that my project begins to progress fast enough (by my own feelings, of course). I continue to explore different debug methods and git possibilities.

I was writing shell scripts (yes, not at least bash). It was a big surprise for me that it is the most elegant way to get a substring (first 7 characters):
echo $my_string | sed ‘s/^.\{0\}\(.\{7\}\).*/\1/’

It was such painful experience. It’s not my first time writing in shell, and I even understand some tricky moments, but every time I need to use this language — I feel like pain as…

Olga Telezhnaia

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