that define us.

Desires originate from all the different places . and get comfortably settled in our head. They travel all the way from TV, from what seems right in a certain context, from what dad used to say, from what seems cool in certain circles, what feeds the grid, what feeds the pride of ownership.

Born from experiences, from images from a THOUGHT.

The only worthy desires proven to be desires of a heart. From within. Desires of heart are pure, by definition oblivious to evil, destructive patterns. Desires of heart is the only real impulse to follow because they are authentic, they are YOURS.Heart is settle, serene compass. Yet uneasy to be heard over all the TV noises.

You already know it. Maybe you forgot:

You can have it all.

Picture Scrooge Macduck sitting in his chambers with all the moutains of gold – having it all.What a happy cheerful duck, right?

Not right.

You can have it all. Never in a million years will it make you happy.

Trivial many suck thewast brainwashed majority into the void.Comfort, safety, mistrust, fear, superfinity. All the seductive places to run and hide. Chasing Yo-Yo of praise and criticism. Labels to fit in and make your mama proud. That’s why your iPhone vibrations are more vivid than once of your heart. That’s why your car worth more then your word.


Expanding boundaries of own beauty, vulnerability, worthiness. Persuit of less things – but better things, less food – but better food, less contacts – but better once. Select, focus,love. Commit to essential calling of the heart & watch you desires evolutionise, watch your effort making an impact.

If you are one of those people who takes no spiritual shit of Jehovah witnesses, hippies , buddist, here is a piece of advice:

Cheer the fuck up.

Dig a sincere wish of good.

Give it away blindly

Tell nobody about it.

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