Eight health and productivity habits you should change this week
John Fawkes

good advice, unfortunately close to impossible to change in one week .

And it’s not like nobody knows it, but, I guess, the very problem is that it became a habit, which means — cannot be changed in one week.

Also from my personal (very humble) experience, attempts to change all at once mean failing at all of them.

In reality I’d give this list 6–8 months at the minimum.With 2–4 weeks on every point. Some things are easier to change then other, also experience varies for different people.

If it really became a habit, it most probably means it transitioned to subconscious and established a strong cue that is activated unconsciously.

In case of alcohol, one doesn’t have to be an alcoholic in a medical sense to have problem with it. Social drinking and “couple of glasses after work” is as dangerous (been there…).

Thanks for a very valuable reminder of important things to do and do not.

It would be great to hear more about personal experiences of developing good habits or replacing bad habits with good ones, what are the challenges and steps.


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