Olymp Capital’s Network Leverages


A strategic network is a unique value add in private equity, and it is even more accurate when talking about the blockchain ecosystem. The way we see it, the goal is to facilitate relationships between our portfolio firms and key partners and experts. In a fragmented blockchain ecosystem, this is all but insignificant, allowing us to connect our portfolio companies with prospective clients, partners, and others. That could help them connecting with technical experts and saving costs to grow faster and develop at a global level through our international network.

Christophe de Courson, our CEO, confirmed: “We are continuously thinking about what we can offer to our portfolio companies. In blockchain, if you don’t have an extensive network, so many things can go wrong, starting with finding a bank, custody… Also, this is exactly when our connections show their full potential.” He added, “Furthermore, our network can be significantly helpful when it comes to solving technical issues or guide founders through technical aspects, saving time and resources.”

Business Development

More specifically we established privileged partnerships with some of the most renowned companies in the blockchain ecosystem. For example, our collaboration with Amazix helps us provide marketing and social presence to portfolio companies if needed. Moreover, the privileged partnership with Fundstrat Global Advisors LLC allows us to leverage their leading expertise in equity and digital asset research.

Our privileged partners’ universe also comprises technical experts, legal firms, financial advisory companies, and consulting experts. This universe allows us to be a strategic relay in Europe, to provide a genuine knowledge of the European regulatory framework concerning blockchain and digital assets and to help our portfolio companies to grow.

Investor Network

When it comes to fundraising, startups don’t just raise a single amount of money and are set up for the rest of their life. Startups will go through several investments to get their next step or stage to prove the value of their model, grow over time with their business expanding. This is with this goal in mind that we developed our investor network, in order to provide strategies to raise funds successfully, to connect with renowned investors and to offer follow-on investment across portfolio companies through their life cycle.


At the heart of Olymp Capital’s ecosystem and networks lies our team. Olymp Capital has become the European reference in blockchain investments by proposing to the market the first European team of investors dedicated to blockchain. Indeed, our founders and team are covering all aspects with a unique know-how of the blockchain ecosystem: corporate finance, private equity, asset management, blockchain, regulations… Offering the value proposition of sustainable development in the blockchain.

We combine a unique investment and due diligence process with a strict risk policy. Within this framework, many are called, but few are chosen. As a matter of fact, no project has passed the second step of our process this year.

Christophe commented: “Our internal process is truly selective and harsh, in effect we did not see any A series project solid enough to pass through our due diligence procedure.”.

In conclusion, at Olymp Capital, we firmly believe that increasing network and ecosystem is one of the most potent added values private equity funds can have, together with a robust investment process. Indeed, creating value in portfolio companies is a critical way for private equity funds to generate a significant return on their investments.

Ultimately Christophe concluded:” Let’s not forget that this comprehensive framework, combining a unique due diligence process with an extensive network and privileged partners, is the reason we obtain a 55% performance so far this year” He also added “Well, internal procedures are great, but results are what really matters!”

Olymp Capital is the first Asset Management Fund dedicated to Blockchain technology. You can visit our website on http://olymp.capital/

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