Carrom Board- The Game, Rules And Accessories

Carrom board is an indoor entertaining game that evolved in India. Though there is no sure evidence, the game is said to be invented by Indian emperors. It is played all over India in the households. It brings the entire household together on vacations and weekends. It not only bring in enjoyment into families, but also facilitates their relaxation. This simple game requires minimum quantities of carrom accessories and rarely causes injuries during its course, unlike other sport activities. Several countries all over the world now welcomed and adopted the game. This game which is now recognized as an official sport sees many international tournaments held throughout the year. You can buy carrom boards from local shops, online outlets, or carrom board manufacturers Bangalore.

Rules of the game

The rules of the game are very much simple as listed below:

1. The carrom game can be played either as singles or doubles. In case of doubles, two members of the same team sit across each other against the other two players. The team to start off first is the one which wins the toss. And the team that begins the game, does so with the white coins.

2. Using a striker each player takes turns to strike the coins to pocket those into one of the four holes available the corners of the board.

3. The red coin at the center is called the queen. It is worth more. A player can win it only if another coin is pocketed following it.

4. By accidentally pocketing the striker, a player loses a turn one of his scored coins, which has to be placed back into the board. In case, the player pockets the striker along with a coin, he needs to place two coins back into the board and he does not lose his turn.

5. In case a team pockets its last coin while the queen is still in the game, it loses the game. Eventually, the objective of the game is to score all of their coins along with the queen ahead of the opponents in order to win the game.

Accessories of the game

The game of carrom board is played using simple and limited accessories. These include the carrom board, the striker and the carrom coins. The carom board which is the playing ground of the game usually comes in wood, while there are also plastic boards available. The coins are of 18 in numbers- 9 white coins and 9 black coins. These are made either of wood or plastic. The striker is smooth and comes usually in plastic. Apart from these mandatory accessories, there are other optional accessories including carrom board cover, carrom board replacement mesh, carrom board counter, and carrom board stand. Carrom board powder which is like the talcum powder is however is not an option. It keeps the carom board’s surface smooth and allows the coins to drift through smoothly. This is important for the maintenance and durability of the board. All accessories pertaining to carom board can be obtained from carrom board manufacturers Bangalore.

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