Different kinds of Balers and their applications — Olympic Equipment

Balers are very popular machines that are used in the farming and recycling industry to create bales of hay, bales of cotton, bales of straw, bales of crops, bales of metal scraps, and bales of lots of other stuff.

Bales are compressed bundles that are rectangular, square or cylindrical in shape. They are made in varying sizes made for the sake of convenience in transportation.

Balers and balers applications — Olympic Equipment

Popular Applications of Balers

Popularly balers are of prime importance to printing facilities, corrugator facilities, raw materials recovery facilities, paper recycling facilities, supermarkets, fabric industry, and distribution centers. Watch balers and baling videos.

Baler as a farming Machinery

The idea of compressing agricultural produce in to bales is meant to preserve the nutritional value of the plants that are being bundled in to hay.

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Balers in the Recycling Industry

Balers play a very important role in efficient and organized waste management practices. Creating aluminum can bales, pet bottle bales, aluminum bales, mild steel bales, are just a few to name bale types created with industrial balers in the recycling industry.

Baling requirements vary by shape, size, product type to be compressed in to bales and more. Depending upon the type of product to be made in to bales, size, and shape to be achieved, there are wide choices of balers available with Olympic Equipment, Inc. such as horizontal baler, excel baler, PTR baler, Balemaster Baler, and more.

It is common sense to invest in heavy duty and reliable horizontal balers after detailed analysis of one’s baling requirements.

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