This was written by one of my friends, it’s a great piece on the mindset we have as millenials.

Tears were shade,hearts were broken and other girls,well still giggled but nothing changed.Pills were a must and the money was a priority,no one understood.The pain was real and the nights were long.No one prayed for us.We neglected the thought of believing in a deity coz we knew if he lived he had disowned us.So we slavishly bowed down to the bricks of dead presidents,burned the green on the alter and yes we got lifted but the come down was like a morning after an all night at a strip club joint while buzzing on coke.The binge can hurt,hate is the only emotion that you can resonate with after a few puffs of that cig.The middle finger is easy to pull after a line or two of coke coz last time you told yourself this was your last.The heart grows weak from the smoke.The buzz relaxes every muscle in your body but at the cost of your lungs."Fuck it we all gonna die,why not live fast and leave a beautiful corpse,so that when I get reincarnated I can jerk off to it".I never fake the narcissism,I never hide the fact that i look myself in the mirror three or four times when Iam having sex,right before I come I have to look at those beautiful eyes.The I is always in every sentence I think,utter or fuck it yeah I said it fuck it it’s over