Oly Sport

The heat! It’s getting more intense!
Tell us that you are well prepared because we are so ready to show you Testnet 2 in a few more minutes.

🚩 Starts: 00:00 UTC Jan. 20th
🚩 Link: (neu co r)

Who is ready to hit the road?

#OlySport #OLY #Metaverse #RaceToWin #Testnet

Oly Racers, it’s time to get ready! Three more hours and you can start exploring new horses and new racecourses. And last but not least, the $50,000 tournament!

🚩 Starts: 00:00 UTC Jan. 20th

Prepare to take advantage of being the first racers!

#OlySport #OLY #Metaverse #RaceToWin #Testnet

🐎 Which Horse Do You Want to Join the Race with You?

Curious? Try the wheel of fortune to see!

▶ Screenshot and post in the comments what you got!
Anyone here get one of the 3 best Genesis Horse breeds?

#OlySport #OLY #Metaverse #RaceToWin #Testnet #Whitelist

English version

1. How many tokens do Oly Sport release?

As in our whitepaper, the total supply of Oly Sport is 500,000,000 $OLY

2. Is this horse racing game olysport gambling?

please note that, Oly Sport is not a gambling game because gambling is not legally and culturally accept in many countries

3. What is the meaning of the name of the project and why did you name it that way?

Oly Sport comes from the word Oly in Olympic. We wanted this game to…

[Testnet 2]

Besides new racecourses, Oly Racers will have a chance to randomly test out one of six horse breeds in this Testnet Phase 2 of Oly Sport:
♦ The top 3 rarest breeds: Elon, Zhao & Sam
♦ The 3 new breeds: Beck, Messi…

1. hello Jimmy and Alex. do i need a horse to join Testnet 2?

Nope @beaverfeverforever , horse will be provided

Jimmy Chan

2. Will I race With my two horses in test 2? Or Will you provide other diferent horses?

We will provide different horses so you can get the experience and we can get your feedback without bias. You can race with your own horse once mainnet is released by Feb.

Jimmy Chan

3. What are you doing about the price? The chart looks horrible.

The overall market is slow, but there…

Oly Sport

🏇 Welcome to Oly Sport 🏇 Oly Sport is a NFT horse racing blockchain-based game that lets you raise, sell, breed, race and especially, hire digital racehorses

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