🔥Before revealing the numbers, we want you to know that we couldn’t achieve such greatness without you, Oly Racers. We hope that you enjoy racing and excited for our future development.

🎉Let’s celebrate our success together:

🏁1073: Races completed
🐎812: Total horses in action
🐎250: Average daily active horses

💥We acknowledge that Oly Sport is still a small community but we are growing steadily. And with the help from Game Guilds partnerships, the playerbase will soon improve.

💪Together we can make these numbers even bigger and better this month. Let’s keep going!



🏆 Top ELO growth of the week is one of our newest contests/tournaments, and it’s gonna bring extreme heat to the races.

💥 The weekly contest will discover 20 horses that gain the most ELO in that week and rewards them with precious prizes.

🏅The period of time in which the system records ELO gain/loss for the contest will be from 12:00 UTC, May 7 to 12:00 UTC, May 13.

💰Total prize pool: $1,000

#1 horse: $250
#2 horse: $150
#3 horse: $100
#4-#5 horses : $50
#6-#10 horses: $40
#11-#20 horses: $20

🔥Get yourself ready for more contests & tournaments coming up next!



🏇Race History is available in “User Profile” => Race.

✌️Race History doesn’t sound like a big deal, but it can actually become the key to victory in the right hand.

🏆You should’ve heard the quote “Knowledge is power” right? Yes, Race History is that kind of power.

📖By looking back at your horses’ performance in the past and analyze it, you will be able to figure out a way to improve the win rate, therefore you can earn more from racing.

PS: You can actually watch the replays by clicking on the “Race”



🎉To celebrate our sponsorship of the Crypto Polo Cup, we are launching an exclusive horse sale on Binance NFT tomorrow.

🏆Crypto Polo Cup — Champion Collection is giving the chance to new players to join Oly Sport Metaverse, and give existing holders an opportunity to get a better horse.

⏳Date: From 12:00pm UTC, April 7 to 12:00pm UTC, April 11

📦VIP Package: Price: 1500 BUSD/pkg. Each contains 1 horse (Bloodline is randomly given among Elon, Zhao and Sam, which are the three best bloodlines of race horses in Oly Sport Metaverse. Rarity is randomly given among Rare, Super Rare and Epic)

🐎Don’t miss the chance to own top-tier horses in Oly Sport Metaverse!

Let the countdown begin!



Oly Sport is proud to be an official sponsor of the very first Crypto Polo Cup taking place at the Santa Clara Polo Club in the beautiful Palm Beach, Florida 🏝

The guestlist of this invite-only event includes top-notch VCs, media, celebrities and politicians, making the Crypto Polo Cup a highly sought-after event for sponsors and up-and-coming blockchain brands ⚡️.

We’re excited to connect with people from around the world through the love for all-thing-crypto and horses 🐎

For our users that would like to attend the event, please email alex@olysport.io and we’d love to have you there (subject to availability).

To celebrate this important event, we’ll be opening an exclusive NFT horse sales, coming soon!



Oly Sport

🏇 Welcome to Oly Sport 🏇 Oly Sport is a NFT horse racing blockchain-based game that lets you raise, sell, breed, race and especially, hire digital racehorses