The other Sunday, I was sitting in Sightglass, chatting with a friend and having coffee. It is what I usually do on the weekend, talk to friends in real life. He stepped away for a few minutes and all I heard between the strains of rock music, the constant rhythmic noise of the belt of the coffee roaster. It was a very mechanical and sweet sound. It was only a few seconds, but I was immediately taken back to when I was six years old.

I started thinking of my grandpa, how he and I would take our big sack…

Omakase is a monthly selection of products, services, applications, and art I have enjoyed. These are not reviews. Instead, they are my recommendations. I don’t mind endorsing these products because they are of high quality, and in general have been a positive addition to my life. I am sorry that the November 2017 edition is a little late.

  • Patagonia Black Hole Wheeled Duffle, 40 Liters: For $299 (or less if you shop around), you are going to find this well made and extremely durable duffle with wheels. It fits in all overhead airline compartments, and you can cram a lot…

A coffee with Chris Michel and Bijan Sabet turned into a full-blown photo session. I thought this photo represented Bijan the best — with his Leica, captured on Chris’ Leica in my everyman’s Leica, the iPhoneX.

Photo 05/30: iPhoneX Portrait mode, f2.4, 1/120th of a second.

It was quite hard to find a photo today as I was busy with partner meetings most of the day, and then had a lot of emails to deal with upon my return from Palo Alto. Our building was putting up a Christmas tree, and I took this photo as it went up. A good reminder that holiday season is finally here!

Photo 04/30: iPhoneX Portrait mode, f2.4, 1/30th of a second.


Fog is my weakness, and every time there is low fog, I am out and about with my camera. I like the muted sounds, the shroud of grey and the silence that comes with fog. I loved this image of how SalesForce tower is emerging out of the mist as a defining feature of San Francisco’s landscape and the Pyramid building is fading into the background. Both these buildings have been polarising in their impact on San Francisco’s skyline.

Photo 02/30: f8 at 1/500th of a second. ISO 100. Made with Leica SL using a Canon 50mm lens in San Francisco, November 25, 2016.

A friend suggested that perhaps I should start a list of things I like and explain why I like them. He thought it would be a great play on words if we called it Omakase. Omakase, for sushi fans, roughly translates into chef’s choice. So here we are — the first of these lists. Originally published on

  • Aether Apparel Flight Pant: I travel a lot and often long distances. And as a result, I want a comfortable pair of pants to relax when I am on the plane. I always change into these pants after take off. They are…

Ponte Dom Luis, Porto, Portugal. It is an engineering marvel that always amazes me!

Made with Fuji xPro2 and Fuji f2/23mm lens

I didn’t have much time to read during the week and ended up staying home yesterday and finishing the list of saved articles in my Pocket account. Here are seven that are worth reading:

  • CRISPR’s Quiet Revolutionary: A great profile of Emmanuelle Charpentier, a co-discoverer of CRISPR, one of the most important scientific breakthroughs of our time. [Nature]
  • World’s most expensive medicine is a bust: Here is why. [MIT Technology Review]
  • America’s Oxycontin Epidemic: Probably, one of the best series’ you are going to read on this topic. Kudos to the reporters who worked on this story. [Los Angeles Times]

It has been a busy few weeks, mostly due to personal reasons. I have not had time to write, read, curate and share almost anything. I was hoping to send out an email this weekend, but life intervened. Anyway, a new week means a chance to start afresh. So here is a list of seven stories that are worth reading today. Hope you enjoy them:

Is Online “Free” Culture Dangerous?: Virtual reality pioneer and a computer scientist Jaron Lanier shares his opinions about sharing, selfies and the power of platforms. It’s a thoughtful and contrarian point of view from the…

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It is a long weekend here in the U.S., and so it’s no surprise that I got caught up in the weekend fun and forgot to email the newsletter. Oops! But, better late than never. Here are 7 of my favorite reads from this week. Hope you enjoy them as much as I did.

  • Swipe Right: A profile of Sean Rad, one of the founders of hot dating service, Tinder and his dreams of the future.
  • Inside the secret…

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