But first- let me introduce myself!


My name is Joanna and I’m a Polish student of Integrated Communication in Warsaw.

I’m multitasking, juggling my studies, full time job and owning a start-up business, each day trying to keep it in balance. Yet I must think i have too little to do as I’m starting this blog xD Well it’s not like that. To be honest I really like to learn new things connected to online marketing topic. I hope to provide you with knowledge you will find interesting as well. Let’s be clear though- I’m only a student, I’m too young to know shit about how it all actually work but I’m trying to figure it out and own it so that I can build my future career based on that knowledge.

For now I’m focusing on staring some Social Media profiles and making blog’s theme suited to my needs as much as it is possible so excuse me for a small delay on the valuable content- I’ll do better in the future, PROMISE! :)

On my Facebook account i plan to put reminders about new posts, articles connected to our topic, that I’ll find interesting, information about upcoming events in Warsaw and many more. On my Instagram I plan to put photos from events I’ll be going to and photos of adds which for some reason will catch my attention.

Here are my Facebook and my Instagram

On my next post I’ll share with you my experience with task managing programs. I think that this is a way to start- first organize your work and focus on things that are important.

So stay tunned for 19th March and all Saturdays after that.

Thanks for being here!


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