Genocides We Forget

Warning: Some of the images are very graphic, please use discretion when reading this article. For direct access to the content of the magazine:

Covered in dust sat a colorful book with no title on the cover. It looked a bit old and beaten up. I guessed it might have been 30 years old only to realize it was printed in 1972 and it wasn’t a book. What I had stumbled upon was a magazine my great-grandfather had kept in his library in India. Little did I know the reason why. An Indian print magazine from 1972 must be great but what made it so special to keep all this time stuffed away? Maybe it was a memory to hold onto and never forget. One of those things most of us don’t learn because it’s one we don’t want to remember.

In 1972, India was still going through the motions of recently gaining Independence from British rule. I knew that there had a been a lot of deaths on both sides when India and Pakistan gained Independence in 1947. Both Hindus and Muslims were forced to leave their homes in the respective Indian and Pakistani territories. What the world witnessed was something that was unnecessary. Maybe we wouldn’t have the conflicts we do today if they never split, but we can’t always rewrite history since we only get one shot. This part of history is known around the world, but what happened in 1972 isn’t. And it wasn’t until I opened the magazine that I realized how brutal it was and that we should spend more time looking at history to make sure we don’t make the same mistakes again.

Some of us are taught or at least read online when learning world history that when Pakistan and India were split into two different nations, current day Pakistan and Bangladesh were one country. East/West Pakistan had their capital in West Pakistan which weakened East Pakistan considerably and opened it to conflicts. The world turned a blind eye, including India before anything was done. This magazine does a much better job than I could of explaining what happened in the perspective of the time period.

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Imprint Magazine, Jan 1972 Edition

I tried not to add any more information about the 1971 Bangladesh Genocide to help retain the content of the magazine. For more infomation and facts on some of the shocking tragedies that happened, please visit

Note: This magazine also contains more interesting stories that I will publish soon.