so you know, this reads like a hit piece.

  1. “iOS 8 apps have been updated for new share sheets” — that is still limited. Sharing is limited, and it is not dynamic. It feels like iOS groups things on a large scale and if there’s any match you get to share this. Still not productive. iOS should learn from Android (which it already did in some cases)
  2. “Widget’s in the NC also have the advantage of being available to you in any app” — NO! Any (productive/useful) example?? You are simply making this up.
  3. “Apps can do this too, with modified URLs. This is how chrome opens up map links in google maps on iOS etc” — That’s the piece of Software that Chrome wrote. This is not an iOS thing. Only works in WhatsApp and Chrome. WhatsApp/Facebook have openly discussed about platform limitations with iOS - this comment from you simply shows your lack of knowledge of iOS
  4. App integration — “this is completely available, and easy to find with a 30 second google search” — NO. Any examples? iOS works best only with it’s own version of integration and most Software Developers of 3rd party apps have openly accepted Apple platform limitations: This is a globally known thing and one cannot debate on this.
  5. “the pull back gestures is more consistent than the back button in android”- What is consistency? At some places you pull back, some places you swipe, while at other places you have to click on “Done”, or “< xyz” — If that’s consistency, iPhone is definitely for you.
  6. I’m guessing that you should learn how to use a device before writing a blog post about it — I am afraid I would have to say the same to you before you write a comment.
  7. Google Now vs Siri is debatable — however, there are benchmarks and tests that are in favor of Google Now. Also, do not forget that Google has much better Software Engineers than Apple, and it is really difficult to get a Software Engineer’s job at Google. Google has patents in Speech Recognition advanced techniques. And building a feature like Siri is not the same as building an iPhone with an aluminium body and a sexy design

Google builds better software, and a lot of it is used at Apple. Google, Microsoft and even startups, build software and tools that make you productive in any environment.

Apple’s expertise (except for Mac OS) is not as much on Software as on Hardware. I agree that it’s getting better, but not on par with Google.

Most of the Software that Apple builds is not driven with innovation, but with the need that they have to build the software since other Eco systems and third party apps provide better experience that might convince you to go out of Apple’s eco system.

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