What I Love About My Teammates And Learning Facilitator

At the start of my 2 week bootcamp at Andela, we were assigned teammates as well as an LF also known as a Learning Facilitator together we call ourselves Team Flash . First of all let me take a moment and introduce all the seven members of my group plus our LF which makes us eight. In my group we have two wonderful ladies Ampaire Phemia and Victor Nomwesigwa as well as five gentlemen Frank Atukunda, Okiror Frank, Muhwezi Armstrong, Adralia Nelson, me (Jonathan Omarwoth) and finally our amazing LF Peter Walugembe.

First am going to talk about our LF Peter who has been without a doubt amazing, he gives me great feedback on how I can improve my work, his always available in case you need him all you have to do is reach out to him through slack plus he helps guide members who are stuck if you reach out to him for help.

Now let me talk about three of my teammates I have gotten to share with most of my time.

First I will talk about Muhwezi Armstrong aka soultech. I got to know him way before we met at the bootcamp because of his amazing character of always trying to help out everyone. In the slack channel whenever a question was posed you would always see him trying to come up with a solution. His someone who is really great to work with , he never wants to see a group member lagging behind and his also always trying to keep a positive energy flowing. He’s also a passionate DJ who loves electric music along with watching sci-fi series and he does also enjoy to travel.

Secondly I will talk about Frank Atukunda. His a great person I got to meet way before the bootcamp. We met during a pykla meetup at Hive Colab. What stands out most about Frank is the he is never contented with his current level his constantly looking for ways on how he can improve. For instance he had a test coverage of 93% and this kept on disturbing him because it wasn’t higher until when he increased it to 99% that he got some joy. His life outside code is he loves anything to do with indoor games ranging from tennis to draft plus he is also a big fan of football and that is something we both have in common.

Lastly I will talk about Victor Nomwesigwa. What stands out most about her is she never accepts defeat and she is always trying to overcome her challenges. Just of recently she was facing challenges with coveralls and heroku, but she didn’t give up she kept working hand in hand with our LF plus us her teammates and she ended up overcoming her challenges. Victor is really an interesting person, she loves travelling to an extent that she goes for road trips once every month if she gets the time, she loves hiking too and most importantly she enjoys spending time with her family.

If there’s one thing I have learnt from this experience is working in teams has a lot of benefits and that you can learn a great deal from others about what makes them great at one thing or another and how you can add that to yourself which in the end will help you improve.

Thank you for reading until next time.