Does your home have aluminum siding on it? This type of siding used to be very popular until vinyl siding came along but the qualities that made it popular are still good today. If you can repair and maintain this type of siding there is no need to hurry and make a switch to vinyl siding.

Check out these tips to keep your siding in great shape!

Painting Aluminum Siding — Bob Vila Aluminum siding first became popular in the wake of World War II, when this metal, which had been so crucial to the war effort, became more readily…

Nobody likes making a mistake. At Exterior Remodel and Design we work with precision to ensure that all of your Omaha roofing repairs are mistake free. Of course, not everyone puts as much care into their work as we do. Check out some of these big famous mistakes in architecture history.

Architectural Mistakes — 12 Infamous Goofs Throughout History — Bob Vila What do you get when you bring together forward-thinking architects, exacting engineers, and tireless construction crews? In the case of these 12 iconic buildings, you get a visual masterpiece, along with a few unintended design flaws. …

Combination roofs are relatively self-explanatory; they are roofing type combinations of various styles based on the design and environment of the home. This customized option can be very practical in the sense that each area will be protected appropriately and incorporation of various types in the design will add aesthetic and architectural interest.

When considering a combination roof you want to take a few factors into consideration. What kind of statement do you want your home to make? What is your environment? Add architecture value and curbside appeal with varied types of roofing; also consider whether or not your environment…

Hip Roofs Info from Exterior Remodel Design
Hip Roofs Info from Exterior Remodel Design

Hip roofs are recognizable by their slope on all four sides. The sides are all equal length and come together at the ridge at the top, with the “hip” being the seam where adjacent sloping sides meet. The slope on all four sides allows for easy shedding of snow and water, making it excellent for snowy areas.

Another advantage comes from the stability this structure offers due to its interior construction and inward slopes. The lack of a gable lends increased support against high winds. …

This a remarkable story and we can help but enjoy hearing about their house transformation. At Exterior Remodel and Design we have the privilege of helping people transform their houses and we know what an intense process this must of been.

40 years ago, Omaha couple’s house was a fairly conventional split-entry. Now it has grown to 90 feet across two lots | A Motel 6 in the middle of a residential neighborhood?

Omahans Frank and Nancy Metzler get teased about building just that in Maenner Meadows.

What started out as a fairly conventional split-entry home nearly 40 years…

Imagine you hire a roofer (the cheapest one you could find). While inspecting your roof for damages, he slips and falls and tumbles off of your roof, breaking his collar bone. What a disaster, indeed! But if the roofer isn’t insured, it could also spell disaster for you.

ALL roofing contractors should have liability insurance (as well as workers’ compensation insurance) to protect you as the homeowner in the event of any accident. …

Knowing the pitch or angle of your roof is helpful when you’re thinking of additions or remodels, roof repairs or roof replacements.

The roof pitch is determined by the number of inches the roof rises vertically for every 12 inches that the roof extends vertically. If your roof rises 8 inches for every 12 inches of horizontal run, your roof has a 8-in-12 pitch.

Roof pitch determines what type of roof shingles you should consider. …

February so far has felt more like late spring this year. Really some of us are still wondering when winter is going to hit? With what the Omaha Herald has called, “the mildest winter on record” we have been spoiled by sunshine.

That might make what is forecasted to come at the end of the week all the more shocking. Come Friday the weather is predicted to turn to rain, snow, and strong winds.

When it comes to flat roofs, their biggest problem isn’t always water displacement — it’s where the water goes as it travels down its low slope. For that reason, the drainage you have for your flat roof can be the deciding factor between a long-lasting roof or major problems.

There are three main drainage systems that you’re likely to have for your flat roof. The type of drainage system you have will depend on a number of factors, including square footage, climate, cost, and the building’s architecture.

Internal Drains

Internal drainage systems are composed of an interior network of gutters…

Thanks to improved technology, flat roofs are rising in popularity. But there are still many factors to consider when choosing to install one.

If you’re considering an addition to your home, have limited space for outdoor HVAC units, or are looking to enhance a minimalist aesthetic, a flat roof is a fantastic option for you. Before you commit to one, however, be aware that there are many things to consider before you install one.

Flat roofs are not actually flat. They are also known as low-slope roofs because their pitch is typically at or below 3/12. …

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