“Education is ability to listen to anything without loosing temper or self-confidence.” Robert Frost

We as a Pakistani citizen are responsible for eradicate the social cause of education with those who are already working on it and really passionate about to help this cause, because 41% children of our population are still out of class and working outside to earn bread and butter for their home.

For that purpose we as a small group try to put out part for this society by doing something for those organizations who are working on children’s educations who are future leaders of our nation. So we made up a plan and trying to make out a strategy to execute it with fruitful outcomes.

“Good actions give strength to ourselves and inspire good actions in others”. Plato

We are 5 people decided to help “Meherban Foundation” which is an initiative of a student of media and communication at University of management and technology and her name is Mehak Shehzad. What this organization do actually they get sponsor the students for whole year education which includes their education, books, uniform etc. Also they do several education awareness campaigns in different regions of province.

What we’ll do? We’ll make a discussion with them in their office that in what ways we can play our part to support their cause. Then we’ll conduct a fund raising stall at some departmental stores or we’ll sign an MOU with some online websites that we’ll get certain amount from their profit as an education charity for children’s.

I think so that this could be a little part from our side because if you want a big change then it starts with a small step which create a long term effect in the society.

Plan, Camera, Action
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