Reaping From The Digital Harvest

What does it take to reap from the digital harvest?

Internet Of things (IoT)

The Internet, Mobile phones and it’s related technologies has practically affected all sectors of the economy and agriculture is not an exception.

It’s spread has been very rapid but it’s impact not too huge.

The rapid spread is what can be termed the “Digital Harvest” and we can reap from it’s benefits if we strategically position ourselves else we will experience “Digital Losses”.

In a series of about 3 parts, I will be sharing an expanded version of my talk at the Young People In Agribusiness Forum where I spoke about the Topic: Reaping from the Digital harvest. How Agriculturists/Agripreneurs can benefit from advancement in technology.

Speaking At The Young People In Agribusiness.

As an entrepreneur who is using technology to link farmers to market in a whole new smart way, I have gathered some experiences and will be sharing them. I will expand on what Digital Harvest really means; Global trends in technology; Current State Of Agriculture in Africa, Opportunities to explore as entrepreneurs, Framework for building Successful Agribusinesses by AGRA and other recommendations.

Do come back later for an update on this….cheers!