Probably not a good idea to publicly slam the company that pays your bills and the CEO that signs…
Kris Gellci

Kris — I know I am pretty late on this response but I read in an article about this girl who got fired from yelp by writing the CEO a letter. I came to gain some insight on what she wrote so I can “watch out” for when we are ready to go live with our company. Naturally, I was surprised to see that no one was being more harsh to her but given that you got the most likes tells me what you wrote to her was sound and got the agreement by the majority. I can tell you from personal experience there are tons of people out there (around 98%) who have a poverty mentality and think either the government, the company, the manager or whoever should pay them more/give them benefits etc. in exchange for close to nothing. They complain all the time without understanding what that type of complaining actually does to them mentally. One of my old mentors once said — “The world doesn’t owe you a thing. Go out there and do things yourself, work hard and get what you desire”. Neither the government nor a company can be our parents. We all have to work hard for what we want. I finish by saying — most of the negative responses you got, are from people who aren’t successful in life so do not let them bring you down.

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