2017, Bring it on!

To be honest, I don’t know what the coming days will bring next, but I am sure of one thing: bring it on!

That’s how I ended my success story that was published on Udacity’s success page last year. I am humbled and very proud of all the great feedback and support I got from people around the globe.

I wish 2017 will be a great year for everyone, bringing peace to my home, Syria, and everywhere else.

Little bit about 2016

While 2016 was a bad year for just about everyone I’ve spoken with, it was not so for me. It brought major changes to my life and career. One of the things that helped me when I was struggling with daily problems was an image that I found online.

An image worth a thousand words, unfortunately I don’t remember where I downloaded the image from, but I felt it just summarized the entire year.

2017’s logo

After noticing the huge effect previous year’s image had on me, I wanted to have a custom image, designed specially for my resolutions, so I sent them to one of my best friends, Bashar Ghadanfar — who I believe has a great taste and vision — explaining to him how the 2016 image helped me, and asked him to come up with a design for 2017.

He came up with this great design, that I felt it explained everything going in my mind, and just touched my heart…

Hello World!

In 2016 I attended Startup Istanbul; it was great, and I was amazed how much it inspired and helped me meet great new people. This year will be about going outside Turkey, starting with Udacity Intersect in Mountain View (March 8), to WebSummit in Lisbon (6–9 November), and hopefully WWDC or Google IO.

AI & Udacity

I recently started to get a little bored from iOS development; I find myself repeating the same steps over and over in every project. So, this year is all about a new challenge: AI, and where’s a better place to start than Udacity!

I haven’t decided yet, but either Artificial Intelligence, Machine learning or Data Analyst Nanodegree is a must.

College, It Has to End!

With 16 courses left to graduate, I will pass 10 courses in 2017, 5 each semester, hopefully graduating by mid-2018.

20 KG

This one is a remainder from last year, but is a must this year. If I don’t get my health right this year, I’m in a huge trouble. I currently weigh 125 kg, and my goal is drop that to 105 kg by the end of the year. I did the math; 1.8 kg, at least, per month, since we’re halfway through January already.

I’ll be publishing my progress via my Twitter account, make sure to follow me if you are interested on checking how I’ll do!


5 books, starting with the first one, The Design of Everyday Things by Donald A. Norman.

More Time with Family

One of my 2016 regrets was not spending enough time with my family. My kids are growing quickly, and I need them this year as much as they need me. By starting my day at 5:30 a.m. at the latest, I’ll be able to come back home at 7 pm, so we can have dinner together. And what better a place to spend the weekend than Istanbul? No coding in weekends, it’s all reserved to family!

Programming: Use It or Lose It

Not to lose my programming dexterity, I’m planning to learn React, Vim, read and watch some light iOS tutorials by Udacity, Brian Voong, Ray Wenderlich, and others.

Better Turkish

I should be able to speak better Turkish by the end of the year. Due to my busy schedule, I don’t think I’ll be able to join a course, but I started talking more in Turkish, rather than English with my great Turkish friend and co-workers.

Open Source

In 2016, I created SwifterSwift, a Swift 3 open source library for iOS to make Swift, well, swifter. It made its way to the first place on the trending swift projects list on github for a few days in a row. With more than 180 forks, 2600 stars on github; it turned out that the community was thirsty for such a library, and I fell in love with git and open source!

This year is no different, and I’m still committed to the project. I moved it to its own organization account on github, and separated the project into three repositories:

By doing this, everyone will be able to contribute to the project, and hopefully it will be helpful to many more developers around the world!

Last but not least

It is January and the journey has just started! I would like to thank my family, friends and everyone; I would not be what I am without your continuous support and help. You are all awesome!

I’m sharing this article here to get your thoughts and feedback, please tell me if you think there is something that won’t work in this plan.

See you early 2018!