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This article was published on 30th May 2016 at

According to the last Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3) report, cybercrime had a considerable, negative impact on U.S. businesses during 2015. More than $263 million were stolen from companies, causing total losses and damages of more than $1.07 billion.


This article was published on 22nd June 2020 at


Software Engineers are humans. Humans make mistakes, and anything that can go wrong, will eventually go wrong.

There is a known and big issue in Git and SVN platforms where developers push their code, sharing sometimes more than they should…

This article was published on 6th March 2019 at

What happens when a security researcher finds a hole in your code? Do have a clear policy to submit this kind of findings? Most not.

Responsible Disclosure is something every company should manage, and Bug Bounties Programs help to improve the security as well as be in contact with the hacker community.

During this talk (in Spanish) you will see how a Responsible Disclosure Program or a BugBounty Program works, and how the company should focus and not forget about other mitigations and counter mesures related to security. Also I dig a bit in how a security report must be performed in a good way.

This talk was recorded on Codemotion 2018.

Youtube link:

Omar BV

Senior Security Engineer at @IKEA and @RootedCON Staff.

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